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Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital & Emergency / negligence animal cruelty, animal endangerment, rudeness, and price gouging!

1 Simi Valley, CA, United States
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My name is Robert Kopp. My dogs, Lola (8-years old Yorkshire terrier) and Tasha (5 years-old Pit Bull) have been Dr. Ron's patient for their lifetime along with our three cats (Harrison (deceased), Gracie (deceased), and JC (18 years old). We have always had the deepest respect for people that choose their life's work to treat and care for animals. Having animals all of our lives, my wife Sandra and I have had cats and dogs for over 35 years.
Dr. Ron has seen Lola all of her life and we have been pleased with his care until he decided to abruptly stop caring for Lola due to the fact I questioned Dr. Ron's assessment of Lola's diabetes diagnosis and failing to let us know we should seek out an ophthalmologist when she was diagnosed back on July, 03, 2018.
Dr. Ron diagnosed Lola with diabetes on July 3rd, 2018. Lola was prescribed a special diabetes diet and insulin (2 units) per feeding, twice a day, 12 hours apart, and must be injected with 15 minutes of being fed. Dr. Ron never mentioned Lola should see an ophthalmologist at any time from 07/03/2018 through 10/09/2018.
On Wednesday, 10/10/2018, Lola developed discharge in her left eye. We immediately made an appointment with Dr. Ron's office and we saw a technician at Dr. Ron's office Wednesday night, 6:30 pm, to diagnose her discharge in her left eye. The technician performed a stain test to determine if there was a scratch in her left eye. Lola was taken to another room in the office. When Lola was returned to us, approximately 1o minutes later, Lola was unable to see. Lola started walking into the office furniture, walls, and doors. Lola's eyesight was fine prior to the visit and the discharge was the only symptom prior to Dr. Ron's visit that Wednesday. Lola was still unable to see Thursday, 10/11/2018, and we contacted Dr. Ron and we were told Lola should see an ophthalmologist. We made an appointment with Dr. Goldenberg at VCA-Veterinary Specialist of the Valley for Friday, 10/12/2018. Dr. Rosenberg diagnosed Lola with cataracts and 90% loss of sight in her left eye, and stated Lola still was able to see a little out of her right eye. Dr. Rosenberg prescribed Lola different eye medication that would treat her discharge more aggressively than the medication prescribed by Dr. Ron, along with pain medication for Lola. We were provided pamphlets for diabetes for dogs, along with other documentation regarding diabetes, cataracts, and cataract surgery information to prevent further loss of eyesight for Lola. Reading the pamphlets on diabetes, it states that once dogs are diagnosed with diabetes, the owner should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. On Friday, 10/12/2018, when I was told of the pamphlet information I called Dr. Ron's office and asked to have Lola see Dr. Ron and not a technician, or other staff member. Dr. Ron was able to see Lola on Sunday, 10/14/2018, 11:00 am. Dr. Ron saw Lola on Sunday, 10/14/2018, and when I mentioned to Dr. Ron that Dr. Rosenberg provided us pamphlets regarding diabetes and within the pamphlets it stated when a dog is diagnosed with diabetes, the owner should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist within a week, Dr. Ron stated that was incorrect and became defensive and left the room with Lola and a technician entered and told us we needed to have Lola return to perform an all-day blood work. We made an appointment with Dr. Ron for Tuesday, 10/16/2018 for the blood work he recommended. On Tuesday, 10/16/2018, Lola was dropped off at 9:00 am for the blood work, and was picked up at 6:30 pm. Dr. Ron visited us after the blood work results were in and he stated her glucose numbers were still high and Lola should see an internist for internal diagnosis. We discussed the diabetes pamphlet and the statement within the pamphlet to immediately make an appointment with an ophthalmologist and Dr. Ron stated this was incorrect. We accepted his professional opinion, although my wife, my son, and I disagreed with his opinion, although we did not verbalize it to Dr. Ron.
My wife Sandra Kopp called Dr. Ron's office on Thursday, 10/18/2018, to re-order Lola's prescribed diabetic food. Dr. Ron's office told Sandra that Dr. Ron no longer is willing to see Lola due to the comments made regarding the diabetes pamphlet and denied Sandra and Lola her prescribed diabetic food. Lola had only four cans of prescribed diabetic food left, which meant that we had to find a location that would sell us prescribed diabetic food, and we did not have any documentation from Dr. Ron that would allow us to procure prescribed diabetic food. Dr. Ron has put Lola's life in jeopardy as a diabetic, in addition to Lola's loss of eyesight within the last week of visiting Dr. Ron, and nowhere to turn to feed Lola her prescribed diabetic food. I tried to order the food that evening on-line from, although the website requires veterinarian information to purchase the prescribed food. Dr. Ron failed to authorize the order leaving Lola with no choice but to be fed un-prescribed non-diabetic food violating her prescribed diabetic diet prescribed by Dr. Ron. I am not a law professional although in my opinion, this is not only cruelty to animals, but in my opinion, this is a derelict in duties, negligence, lack of professionalism, and minimum responsibilities of a veterinarian. In addition, Dr. Ron's negligence for Lola is life threatening and Dr. Ron should be held accountable for placing Lola's life in danger.

Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital & Emergency

Oct 22, 2018

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