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Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital / Watch out for billing practices and rude service!

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Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital is Simi Valley is a LOUSY place. The front office staff treated us so badly for asking questions that we eventually cancelled our appointment. Then became rude and ### for cancelling. They charged us for a cancelled appointment without letting us know of this policy, then sent the invoice to a Collection agency instead of us. We never received a bill. The gentleman at the Collection agency said the invoice looked like it was sent in a malicious manner. It was given to them 12 days after the cancelled appointment. They said companies normally bill their clients/patients and give them a certain time frame to pay then it may be sent to a collection agency. Dr. Ron did not do this. He sent the invoice directly to the collection agency, not giving us a chance to pay him or contest the invoice. I went to Dr. Ron Resnicks office and requested a copy of this bill and they refused to give me one. The women were, once again, rude to me and laughed in my face when I said the collection agency was calling me. The staff commented "what are you going to do about it?" Well, I went home and I was forced to pay the collection agency so It would not look bad on our credit. I still do not have an invoice to match the charges to my credit card.

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  • Br
      6th of Jun, 2007
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    It's a shame that you had such a bad experience. I was just looking online for Dr. Ron's phone number to make an appointment and saw your complaint and was very shocked. I've been going to Dr. Ron for over 5 years and have always been very pleased with their service. In fact, when I did call to make the appointment, I was reminded how great the service is and how cheerful the receptionist was when made the appointment for me (at short notice, tomorrow morning). I hate to diminish the scope of your experience, but I've been very pleased for a long time.

  • Ma
      24th of Jun, 2007
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    I agree with your complaint about Dr. Ron's. We were also treated very poorly. It's very sad that they are allowed to behave this way. They wouldn't answer my questions and had a sharp tongue. I wouldn't recommend that animal hospital to anyone. Dr. Ron should take another look at his staff. Maybe he just doesn't care. Thank you. Maddy S.

  • Rh
      30th of May, 2008
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    I totally agree with the original post and the second comment. They did the same thing to me. The office staff is extremely rude, the billing practices are shady at best. Dr. Ron is never available for personal consultation unless you pay a fee. I would never ever recommend this place to anyone and am sorry I ever set foot in the place.

  • Di
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    I agree with the complaints of the practice at this animal hospital. They are rude, there is nothing professional about this office. Many people give there own shots out there since you can buy them from Theresa's Feed where he also runs his shot clinic, and give the shot yourself. This is nothing but a ploy to get money out of you. It shows his resentment of owners taking control of the cost they encounter. We have a choice out there of at we want to do. If we are knowledgeable enough to give our own pets there shots to protect them, then we should not be penalized by someone that calls him self a vet.

    On another subject.

    I have been going to him for a couple of years for simple things and one of my dogs got a ear infection. He kept having me come back, charging me office visit after office visit. Having me buy costly medication after medication. This ear infection went on for 6 months. I went to another vet and the ear infection was cleared up with in 2 weeks on the correct medication. This type of practice is scary. Not only did it cost a fortune to see Dr Ron and nothing correct was done. It also was costing the health of my dog.

    We all love our pets and would not tolerate this type of care with out children, so be careful and anyways question everything...

  • Te
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    Absolutly a horrible experience. It's tough to get good judgement from a girl at a front desk making minimum wage. Too bad this guy has these people makeing decisions for him in his business. Does not have a clue. Sad thing is, I was willing to pay them when I came in for the reschedule, however, so rude not only lost the money but a customer. The person who wrote the comment on how happy she is, probably works there.

  • Ru
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    URGENT!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DR. RON'S ANIMAL CLINIC. Kudos to all who have posted their experience on line for others to reed; I thought my experience was an isolated incident. I called the office Wednesday to cancel a Friday appointment and rescheduled for the following Monday. I was placed on hold several times; but thought nothing of it; I'm tolerant as long as I get good customer service; appointment was confirmed for Monday. Called office Monday to advise I was running late and was told I did not have an appointment and would be charged a $50 cancellation fee for missing my Friday appointment .t I was perplexed and explained I called in 2 days prior to cancel and reschedule. I was told that I must have made a mistake because they do not have a record of me calling in to cancel or reschedule. I told them I indeed called in and was not liable for the $50 fee. I thought that was the end of the cancelation fee conversation and rescheduled a new appointment for Thursday. Upon entering the office I was greeted by two very young girls who both immediately advised me that I owed them a $50 cancellation fee. They then informed me that the office never makes mistakes. I reminded them that I was the customer and the adult and if they never make mistakes, that means I am a liar and took off of work 2 days this week to play this blame game. As I left, they reminded that I now have incurred to cancellation fees. The good Dr. was in his office the entire time, no intervention or accountability; as I left I heard him call for one of the girls. Good Ridance...

  • Ps
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    Dr Ron's is horrible. I take 6 animals to them and my cat got sick and had a fever of 104 and blisters in her mouth and tongue. $565 later they said she had a stone in her bladder and needed surgery. They sent me home with a deathly sick cat that needed over night care, but they don't keep animals over nigh. I call the next morning to talk over options and the Dr Ron is off and he would not call me and they said the Doctor on staff that day was to busy. I tell them that I didn't have the money and needed help financially. (This cat has food allergies and can’t eat anything else but special food.) Since I didn't have the money for the surgery the nurse told me that I can try changing her food. Ya right she has blisters all in her mouth and cat eat or drink. When I make the decision to put her to sleep because they said she would have heart issues after and the stones would come back if the food is not changed. They questioned my decision several times and made me feel like I was doing the wrong thing. ALL they wanted was my MONEY!!! They had the nerve to charge me for dehydrating her for the day ($54) and $150 to put her to sleep. All they could talk about is when I am going to pay. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANIMALS just MONEY!!! All said and done I spent almost $800 and now I have a dead cat.

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