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Dr Bernstein - Drbdiet Program / Rip off and does not work!

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I agree this is a rip off!!! I joined the Bernstein program and then quit as I was pregnant and rejoined after having the baby. I paid for the whole month ($600). They told me that in the past 2004 or so I received extra shots from the program, as an employee had made a mistake on the record sheet and had given me extra shots. Therefore, they refused to give me anymore shots even though I recently paid the $600 for the month. They used this money towards the shots I had received in the past. I just walked in one day and they gave me this news. The attitude of the nurse was highly unprofessional and she couldn't have cared less. I was upset about losing the $600 and the shots, but was even more upset at the attitude of the staff. They could have called me to tell me this. But how am I supposed to know if this is true? Also, if it is true, why am I paying for an employee's mistake? What if I hadn't come back after having my baby. So they took my money and I have tried speaking to someone ever since. They just got back to me after 3 months, after I had called them like 10 times, which is inexcusable if you ask me. I was also told that I couldn't speak to a supervisor. I complained at the 1-800 number as well. I can't believe how I got the run around. The diet is not a bad idea. however the costs are insane and the staff is highly untrained and unprofessional and completely disrespectful. If you're going to a diet program, you want the staff to be friendly, be motivating and respect you as an individual. I am extremely disappointed with this diet and still have no proof whether this is what really happened.


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  • Re
      12th of Jun, 2007

    I disagree. Im on the Bernstein diet and I've lost ALOT of weight. Its just very hard to stick too. I agree that the pricing is outrageous but everything else u have to learn to deal with. If you stick to the diet it works well. I once lose 15 pounds in one week with exercise and following the diet right.

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  • Ro
      20th of Sep, 2007

    Yes it seems to cost a lot, but sometimes you have to pay to keep you motivated. When you follow the diet without cheating, the pounds drop off. I lost 40 pounds in 55 days and have kept it off for the last year and a half. Many of my friends have followed the diet motivated by my success and I have been very satisfied by their success as well. I know of at least 25 of my friends who have done this diet since I did and they have lost anywhere from 60 - 175 pounds. I recommend it.

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  • An
      15th of Oct, 2007
    Best Best Advice

    I myself have struggled with weight loss due to past depression, high sugar cravings, lack of exercise, poor food choices and having two girls 11lbs each at C-section. I am currently 260 pounds and only 5.4inches tall. I am sick of being the fatty in the family and at work and for that, the money is well worth it!!! I start there program on the 25 October 2007 in Edmonton Alberta, so wish me luck or good will!!!


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  • Je
      9th of Nov, 2007

    Yes, the diet is expensive, but if you didn't do any research before shelling out all that money, you're a fool & honestly, if you're getting ripped off, you have no one to blame but yourselves. The diet works by causing the body to use ketones, which is simple enough to do without going to the clinic.

    Also, those shots are B6 & B12, which is readily available at ANY drugstore for about $5.99 for a months worth. You could all save a LOT of money, and still lose a lot of weight if you're just look into things more carefully.

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  • Kr
      10th of Jan, 2008

    I lost 120lbs on the diet 2 years ago, so don't say it's a scam or doesn't work!!!! The diet works and the staff were great. Sounds like you didn't follow the plan!! Low carbs means burning fat + weight loss. Doesn't take a rocket science to figure it out :) Do you're homework/research and follow the plan next time before posting rubbish. k

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  • Sh
      5th of Feb, 2008

    I went to Dr. Bernstein and had great success, I lost close to 80 lbs. So if the diet does not work, then explain to me how I was able to succeed. You did not follow the diet at all, you were not commited to loosing the weight. It takes work and dedication. I also go to a gym every morning and work out for 1 1/2 hours, that is because I like the way I look and feel and I never want to gain the weight back.

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  • Su
      26th of Feb, 2008

    I was a member 3 years ago and lost 30 lbs, no complaints, joined again this year and lost 12 pounds over 2 months, much slower. Yesterday went in for my injection, and caught the nurse stealing. She [censored]ed me, I didn't feel much, I asked her to see the needle, she said "oh I must of thrown it in garbage" while she clenched her hand down closely to her side. I asked her to retrive out of garbage, she pulled out a full injection shot and said "oh my it must of not expressed in your body"....I knew right away she was lying, I felt very uncomfortable, I asked for a new shot and then asked the front desk to give me name of supervisor. I didn't want to get the nurse in trouble, I only asked for the supervisor to address this situation in person with all staff without signally out anyone, and I asked them to perhaps introduce a new process where the needle was laid on counter so that they could see that they got what they paid for. Later that day I called the clinic to find out what happened, the nurse told me she addressed the issue 1:1 with the nusre and that the nurse did admit to hiding the shot from me but it was becasue she was afraid to tell me that she'd have to ### me again.....sure....i beleive that....anyways I asked for the supervisor to arrange a meeting for me, her and the nurse to get this all out in the open and I wanted to see the nurse tell me that to my face, I arranged to go in for meeting and before you know it, the office called me and said they talked to Dr. Bernstien himself an that he has advised I'm banned from clinic and diet and for me to pick up my last 2 week refund. I was devasted, I was only trying to help the clinic understand that they may have some fraud going on, actually trying to help Dr. Bernstein himself know he may have bad people working for him, only tried to help the clinc keep their reputation clean, and in the end, me, the victim is more victimized. I have now contactec my lawyer to find out what I can do. I will also ask him what the boundaries are around the clinic as I'd like to piket and notify other patients exactly what this diet/clinic is doing. hopefully my misery can save others. The diet worked but the integrity of thier business is now at stake. I will also be contacting the media to see if they wish to do a story to save other clients...stay tuned.....

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  • Dr
      6th of Mar, 2008

    To say its a scam and doesnt work is obsured, It works if it didnt for you, you failed not the diet if you follow what your told AND dont cheat you will succeed, I lost 100 lbs With the worst side effect being I was hungary during the 1st week, hmm lets see Positive affects, lowered my choleteral, all my blood urine level normalized as they were drastically outta whack when i started, I feel a million times better, after talking to my doctor and having a bmi done they figure I added about 11 years to my life. If you go back to your old habits After the diet again its YOU that failed not the diet you need to keep your new life style and Exercise.

    [Quote] I once lose 15 pounds in one week with exercise and following the diet right[/Quote]

    Well Most people dont know this Becuase they dont ask or listen properly, While on the diet If you decide to exercise you need to tell them becuse they allow more food/ Protien in perticuler to off set the extra claroie defcit.

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  • Me
      10th of Mar, 2008

    This program is phenomenal i have lost 4.4lbs in 4 days. Those of you that think this program is a rip off must not have had the determination to go through such a rigorous diet plan! I guess it sucks to be you!

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  • De
      11th of Mar, 2008

    I started the diet a month ago and have lost 30 lbs im male so is seems to be easier). I havent been hungry. I am following the diet very closely. Im down to about 1 1/2 mugs of coffee ( oops not cups). I find the staff ok, they seem friendly at first, but if your adgenda is not up to snuff or you drink too much coffee or (i lie to them about this every time!!!!!) is it ground veal or do i get the butcher to ground it (its packaged from costco).

    I have about another month and will have to decide if i go on the maintenance. I known your mental state (clarity) you cant be depressed have to be very very iomportant because i am changing my old lifestyle with some thing new (less weight, a better physique, more energy, clarity of mind,...)

    I am taking it off and will work very hard at keeping it off. I dont want to go back.

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  • Pe
      15th of Mar, 2008

    I think you are trying to promote your own website, which is crap like your product

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  • Mi
      31st of Mar, 2008

    I am a female that currently weighs 210, I am soo depressed and "eat because I am fat and fat because I eat". About 12 years ago I went on Bernstein lost 50 pounds and weighed 121 pounds when I finished the program.
    What really happened is I had gotten so skinny that Berstein himself told me to get off the diet right away cuz I was too skiiny.( I looked sick). I kept the wieght off for about a year but then the pounds cam flying on. I went for 121 to 160 in a year and I was not eating crap I was just eating normally..I have tried almost every diet and I am thinking of going on the Dr B diet again but it is so f-ing expensive and when I was on it I was STARVING so badly and I had really bad breath and really bad hair.
    I know your thinking why do you wanna go on the diet again if you had all these problem right?
    There is something in the needles that make you lose cellulite or at least I think so, and the results I find are really quick although it is totally a starvation diet but I am asking myself what is more important eating and being big or starving a bit and looking good for my 2 little boys.
    Has anyone keep there weight off for more then a year please advise.thanks

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  • Gu
      26th of Aug, 2008

    I have read so much about the Bernstein Diet ...

    It works because its a starvation diet - how the hell do you lose 50 lbs a month/two months -- are people that stupid to think its normal??

    The diet is only 800 calories a day ...if even less...

    So of course it "works" - starvation works and for those people that want it that bad -- good luck!!

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  • Am
      10th of Sep, 2008

    I disagree`I`have`lost` 88 pounds in 4.5 months. I eat more often then before just better chocies and measured food.Its changed`my life and gave me at least 10 years of my life. I have never felt so good . I am off my blood presure medication. I do agree it is very expensive. But my health and happiness means more than the money.I have tried many different diets and never had the sucess that I have had on the Bernstein Diet. I look good and feel good too.

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  • Bo
      19th of Oct, 2008

    This is neither good or bad. Every diet will work for some and not for others. I have purchased more diet items in my life and not one has worked out. It does not make it a scam. It makes it the incorrect item or program for me. My concern is the needles. This program requires alot of needles. If I could drive myself to the gym with such dedication, I could and would look like a model. IT is truely a self desire. If you eat burgers and fries everyday, what makes you think your going to remain a 100 lb person. If we gave 1/2 the attitude of what we want to look like to the tread mill or the sidewalk, none of us would need more than a little guidance. Check your veggie content to, if your buying frozen, your sodium is so high your retaining water and fluids that will puff you out. Good luck to everyone in your painseeking ways of looking thinner. I have chosen to make my life simple. Evening walk and eating right for me, and me only. I'm 5' and will never ever look like the 5'9 supermodel that they keep using in all the ads.

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  • Dt
      26th of Mar, 2009

    THis program does wonders, just be weary if you choose to step off their scales for the last time. I currently weigh 211 and (6'1") and i have the goal of 199 before my birthday in 3 weeks and with Dr. B i'll hit it!

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  • Ak
      16th of Aug, 2009

    As a person who has struggled with the program for more than a year (on and off) I will say this - it works IF YOU STICK TO THE STRICT DIET. If you don't it won't work as well and not worth the extra money. So, try it for a month (will cost you about $600). If you find yourself frequently "slipping" don't spend any more money - it's not the right plan for you at this time, but if you can do it for the month - keep going! The staff in my experience are not particularly sympathetic - want a hug, go to Weight Watchers.

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  • Us
      3rd of Nov, 2009

    I tried Bernstien in 2009 for about 3-4 months and lost 30 lbs. I must say I was getting pleased with the weight loss but had concerns about hair loss, constantly being cold, being tired all the time and dry skin. I continued to complain to the Dr ( which spoke and understood very little English) and he kept saying, you are getting sick because you are cheating... well if, I'm losing the weight and passing the urine test each visit, , I don't think I'm cheating... I also inquired about the amount of Vitamin B12 and B6 I was being given as my doctor inquired - I was told, that was something I didn't need to know. Additionally, the Nursing staff was on numerous ocassions extremely rude. So, I complained to the head office.. Only to be told I was being kicked out of the program because I complained too much about the staff and I was inquiring about my in jections... It wouldn't have been so bad except I was told I was being kicked at upon arriving for my office visit in front of the whole office... So, yes the plan seemed to work ( but any starvation diet will work if you think about it), but Dr. Bernstein and his staff have no regard for the well being of the patients -- just ensuring that folks are losing weight with no complaints..(supressing the whole truth). He doesn't want any of his stats impacted... When I asked to speak with Bernstein, the nurse started laughing saying.. "He will never speak to YOU", he told us to kick you out of the program... With my Doctor's advice I am following up with a letter the Health Canada regarding the experience. For those of you who have had a negative experience with Bernstein, you should do the same. Blogs are a good way to vent, , but they won't acheive any changes in how the clinics treat people... I am off the diet -- by force :-) and just eating healthy, exercersing and guess what, my hair is growing back!

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  • Br
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    The diet has worked well I have dropped 90lbs but with that has come health issues. I recently had my galbladder removed due to numerouse attacks and visits to the ER now I have kidney stones. I have three free weeks with the clinic but I am really thinking twice about going back. The wieght loss is great but is my health worth it??

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  • Mi
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    I joined the program 3 weeks ago. I lost almost 6 pounds in the 1st week, then 2.6 in the second and nothing in the 3rd. This week is week 4 and I just starting loosing again. I haven't cheated once and I've always had ketones in my urine. I was feeling cold and having muscles cramps so they upped my potassium and I'm feeling better. I've lost 10lbs and I feel like a different person. I just hope I continue to loose at a steady rate, or ill have to buy another package!!

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