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On May 31st, 2012 I got my Rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgeries done from Dr. Anil Shah (845 N Michigan Ave #934e, Chicago, IL 60611), I had a first consultation from him 3 months before that and I was living in New jersey back then. I spent the money on all the tests he asked me to do, took a flight from New jersey to Chicago, spent all the money to book the hotels and ordering the food after the surgery. It was a big risk and a chance I took as I was very conscious about my looks, I counted on him, he told me about the shape he is going to give to my nose and we did the whole planning together.

On the day of my surgery when I changed my clothes for the surgery clothes and was laying on the bed, he came to me and changed the plan of the surgery after I paid him all the dues, he came to me and changed the plan of the surgery, if he told me the same thing before I wouldn't have chosen him as my surgeon. As I was in a confused stage I said yes as I paid a good amount for it already and made up my mind.

After the surgery I saw that he cut my columella from middle which was not discussed plus he also didn't fix my breathing.

The scar which he has left on my nose will not go for my entire life, I think I wasted my money and he betrayed my trust.

Justice should be served and he should be brought into public notice.

I have spoken with hundreds of lawyers and no one is ready to take my case, my face has been ruined something which is very personal to everyone. I also contacted Dr. Shah but he is also not ready to compensate any money for the damages or even to apologize.

I wrote reviews about Dr. Shah online and I received notices from his lawyer to remove them otherwise they will take legal action.

Four years after the surgery I cannot do anywork, cannot concentrate, cannot sleep, have lost my hair, have got blood pressure problem(because of him), I have to take blood pressure medication everyday, had to go through another sinus surgery as he didn't do one as he promised, he is playing around with patients as he promises something but is a big cheater( you can see his yelp reviews, I am attaching one), he doesn't deliver what he says and takes advantage of naive patients, he is a mental case, he needs mental treatmet and shoudn't be allowed to practise as he ruins people's lives because he knows people have no recourse and once he gets the consent he does whatever he wants. I don't know how he is practising, how the government of chicago is letting him practise.
He lied to me that he has a technique by which he will deproject my nose(when it was not possible), he just wanted to earn money frome me and spoil my life.
He does completely opposite of what is asked from him, it seems he wants to take revenge from his patients because of some mental issues with him.
I wrote to investigator G. Meeks of Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation and she did nothing about it, I got no response from her whatsoever and no updates or follow ups from her, her email is Gwen.[protected] and her phone number is [protected]. It seems Dr. Anil Shah has bribed her, as I didn't hear from her after 01/21/2016.

My Human Rights were violated and no action is been taken against him.

Please take an action against him as justice needs to be served, this is not fair, he has ruined my life, he will ruin some other person's life( I am attaching one other person's review on yelp so you can gage yourself how dangerous he is).
I am also attaching the letter I recieved from the Lawyer of Dr Anil Shah harassig me that he will take action against me If I post any reviews against Dr. Anil Shah online

Dr. Anil R. Shah, MD
Dr. Anil R. Shah, MD
Dr. Anil R. Shah, MD

Mar 12, 2017

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  • Zs
      Aug 05, 2019

    Hello I see your nose and it's ruined something happened to me in my state I would suggest you to get another plastic surgeon consult hv it in writing, Also report him to his state board licensed and plastic surgery board with before and after pictures and notes.He needs to compensate your money. Please tx r call me

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