Dooney.comthe worst customer service possible

I ordered 2 bags on 11/30/2014. 2 days later I noticed that the shipping zip code had been entered incorrectly. I called and talked to a representative and they assured me it would be fixed, I also sent an email so that I could have a record of contacting them . 3 days later still nothing, so I sent an email and called again. 8 days later still nothing when I checked my order status. So once again I called and told it would be fixed. 2 days later I get a your order has been shipped email...However they only sent one of the purses that I ordered. Where is my other bag? I have no idea and I can not get through to customer service. It is Christmas time people do not have time to not get what the ordered. With the quality of the products dooney and bourke offer o e would think they would be able to have a great customer service. Not the case. If you want a dooney&bourke product just go into a store and save yourself an headache.

Dec 18, 2014

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