Dooney & Bourkehorrible horrible customer service and fulfillment

My husband purchased a bag for me and received a "your order has been received" email. Good start. After a week with no email that it had been shipped, we called. Wait time said 5 to 10 min. No biggie. Twenty minutes later we finally get someone. Bag has been shipped. Never received an email about a tracking number or ship date.

Bag arrived but wrong bag. Sent back 2 days later for an exchange and also on the same day as I shipped this bag, went online and ordered a different bag plus a wallet.

A few hours later an email was received about the two new items ordered being received. That's standard. Waited a full week to call about the exchange and the new orders. Was told the following:

1: exchange bag has been received but new bag on back order for 4-6 weeks. That matched the website info. Never received an email though that the item was received. I has to keep checking my ups status.

2. New bag ordered was on it's way. I had no idea because we never received an email about shipping status. Was told it would be here 3/8 but it actually arrived today, 3/5. Great it got here early but I like to be aware of when my deliveries are coming.

3. Wallet ordered was showing status of a back order which did not match website status at the time of order. Service rep said the warehouse the order was sitting at was out of stock so she moved order to a different one so it could be shipped. What?

4. When I log into website to check status, everything says "being processed" nothing shows the correct status.

Dooney is lucky no one can rival their bags in this price range but I will try to buy in person from now on. Too much hassle and confusion with online ordering.

Mar 05, 2016

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