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For the last 3 years I have been using this company for hosting services. The annual hosting cost was the same every year. This year, when I went to renew my services the prices jumped up over double the cost. Obviously in shock I contacted Domains Priced Right thinking it was a computer error.
1st - I was on hold for ages.
2nd - The customer service rep Chris that answer was completely rude and let me know that the company did not have an obligation to notify their customers about price changes they only have to notify the customer about the renewal
3rd - when I stated that it was unethical to bill customers for a price they did not agree on he then retracted and stated that notification on price changes were sent out. (Which was clearly false as I did not receive any notification)
4th- Chris was completely unprofessional and I believe this company is ran out of someones basement due to the weird background noises.

I did ask to speak to a manager in which Chris replied, "he wont do anything for you" and then proceeded to place me on a 20 minute hold.

At this point i was flabbergasted and when Chris came back to tell me that I would have to hold again for the manager I request that he cancel my account in which he said "You can cancel it yourself"

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - DOMAIN PRICED RIGHT is completely unprofessional and fraudulently tried to charge my old credit card for an amt I did not agree to.

Aug 02, 2016

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