Dollar Generalcashier 8421

Ml Mar 13, 2016 Atlanta, TX

I went to the store to return something. The cashier wouldn't even look at me. She is a short colored lady with long black hair. I'm white. I said hi - and I ask her how she was doing ? No response. She acted like I wasn't even there. Sour looking face. Made me very uncomfortable. Never made eye contact. All she said was - do you have the card you used and it will be put back on your card. Sign here. Never made eye contact looking down the whole time. I was very pleasant and thought she just felt bad. As I was walking out she ask the colored lady that was behind me. Hi - how are you doing. - the exact words I had said to her ??? Really she couldn't talk to this white lady but she could talk to the colored lady behind me. Racist - do you put up with that at your store ??? I will be shopping at walmart from now on !!! I don't need to be treated like that. I'm not a racist and expect to be treated just like everyone else!!! My return reference #[protected] time 9.41 on 2016-03-13. My cell phone # [protected] - afternoon is best time to call thank you for your time, laura carter

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