Dog - CavachonMatchstick in Dog's Anus - Breeder Shirks Responsibility

12/23 PM: without screening me, Linda Kaiser (Lynne Kaiser) of sold me a dog. On the drive home, I found a matchstick sticking out of his anus. I removed it & called Lynne who said the dog likely sat on it (1st of 3 explanations). Later in PM, she texted 2nd explanation: he may have eaten trash.

12/24 AM: Pup had bloody stools. I called Lynne. No answer so I made an ER appt with a local vet. I worried the stick caused internal damage.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Lapeer, MI Lynne finally called back & offered a 3rd explanation: a friend was showing the dog & the friend used the match to induce pooping. She wanted me to meet her for her meds despite saying there was 'no way' the dog was hurt.

Lynne refuses to pay the $175 12/24 vet bill. She accused me of ordering unnecessary vet tests & of inserting the stick myself (despite admitting via text her friend did it). She also asked me to return the dog b/c she had another buyer. I refused to return him & strongly caution against buying dogs from her.

Dec 24, 2014

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