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I was charged $40.00 to my credit card when i didnt even purchase any movies nor did i recieve any movies. I want my money refunded on my card. This is outrageous and from the looks of the other complaints this isnt the first time you scam artists have done this to people! I shouldnt have to pay $40 for something that i never bought or that i didnt recieve!! you can contact me by email to settle this matter. my email is [protected]

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  • Em
      Sep 23, 2009

    everytime i call the number, they don't anser .Want us to enter our membership id first. Don't have one. Please help.

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  • Mi
      Apr 22, 2010

    I am going through the same thing right now. I am livid!! I just had a payment of $48.00 today and $42.00 was taken off the card instantly. I never signed up for a membership, nor did I ever order movies. I have now filed for a replacement card. But, that doesn't replace the amounts they have taken off my card already. Not to mention, this is my child support card, and my only source of income right now. THANKS DISNEY!!!

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  • Bi
      Aug 12, 2010

    The Disney Movie Club (DMC) is committing a serious scam!!!
    They intentionally lure you to join their membership for FREE, and get the first 4 movies at discount. But what they hide from you is that you have to buy their other movies at REGULAR price (over priced, of course) before you can get rid if it.
    This is a generous business idea to reach into people’s wallets!!! I can not believe that Disney, with its reputation, would base its revenue on such a lame business.
    Technically, yeah, DMC is doing nothing wrong. It makes up its own rules, and reach out for you. All you need to do is to fall into their trap. However, as many people have been complaining, this is a serious scam that can catch people out of their guard. Who would think that Disney would set up a trap like this?
    I have cancelled the credit card I used to join the club. DMC didn’t spell out that they would store my credit card information. If everything about the membership itself stays on the edge of a crime, this definitely falls to the other side. All merchandise would ask for your permission to store your credit card information explicitly. But DMC does NOT!
    Well, I think they have great lawyers so they can spell anything legal.
    Anyway, this is the DMC. Shame On You!!!

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