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I bought a laptop battery from the online version of this store on April 21st 2009 because it was a good deal. I paid for and received the battery along with a receipt, nothing else.

The battery started to fail in mid to late July. Here was MY mistake. I did not immediately contact the store about the battery failure. I have a litany of excuses; vacation, business trip, ignorance etc. but all along i thought. "This store is an actual brick & mortar store, they'll treat me right" Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! a 'Jake' from the online division informed me it was past the 90 days. (by about 12 days) i pushed back. He referred me to the online warranty, 90 days. I asked to speak to his superior, he (jake) said no and "90 days".

What is most irritating about this experience is not that he would not bend on the 90 days, (he should have then, i would not be writing this review, but a good one) Nor is it that i was never able to talk to Jakes superior, (if you're doing a good job you have nothing to fear about this) but mostly that the battery was junk. Discount electronics sells CRAP. it's cheaper because it's cheap junk. The do not care about you as a customer, and they do not care about their name, and they do not care about their products. Do Not buy anything from this store!!


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