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NJ, United States

Purchased a warranty from Ryan Dunn @ DBW in March 2013 for my brand new car. Read all reviews ahead of time so required DBW to send me an email confirming that if I canceled before a certain date that I would receive 100% of my funds tendered back. I got this email. Text shown below.

From: Ryan Dunn [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 2:04 PM
To: '[protected]'
Subject: Cancellation

Hi Drew

If you would like to cancel the coverage before the coverage start date of 3/22/2016, you will get a full refund for all your funds tendered.

Thank You

Ryan Dunn
Senior Underwriter
Direct Buy Warranty
33 Wood Ave South.
Iselin NJ 08837

Ph: [protected] Ext 8817

After receiving a strange call and reading more I decided on April 11th to cancel. DBW said that could only be done via a form. I got the form and it had language in it that I would only get $25 back. I called them before I submitted the form and said I had an email from their Senior Underwriter stating I would receive a full refun dof my $300. They said it was standard language and not to worry about it as I had the email.

On April 12th I get a refund for $25. I call in and eventually speak to a Johanna in Customer Service who said that they are not a rip off company and she will get it to accounting who will call me back within 1 day. Of course that never happened. Today I called and spoke to Sam Edwards and he read me the agreement. Tried to talk over me but I persisted and explained about the Ryann Dunn email shown above. He said they wanted to see it and that I would hear back.

Be VERY careful of this company. I will update this forum when I hear.

Drew Alexander

Apr 25, 2013

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