Dino DirectReturn Policy

R Nov 30, 2015

I ordered a game from Dino Direct, and immediately realized I had ordered the wrong thing. I sent a message to refund, and they ignored it for days. They charged my card, and then had the gall to tell me to "please keep the order, because we have great quality products." What?! I told them I didn't want it, and it took ANOTHER few days to get another denial of a card refund asking if I would take store credit instead. Now after getting such weird responses and a flat-out denial of a refund, I want nothing to do with them. I told them a store credit is not acceptable and I am STILL waiting for a refund. Meanwhile, I have absolutely nothing, they shipped nothing, and basically just stole $135 from me. These people are borderline crazy if you ask me. Who tells a customer to just accept the order and not go through with a refund? How weird is that? Avoid at all costs. If you get the item you want, then great. But BEWARE if you have any problems at all. You'll get nothing.

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