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Diamonds International / fraud - statement of value does not match price on the invoice

1 St Maarten, United States

I made a purchase in st. Maarten at diamonds international for a bracelet. I spent a lot of time in the store and found myself rushing to get to my excursion and then after my excursion, spent time before getting back to the ship. Although I signed the invoice, it was signed in a rush to get back to the ship so I did not read it. They threw the paper in my face to say "sign here, sign here" and I signed. On royal caribbean, I attended a presentation. The buyer clearly indicated that the companies represented were backed by royal caribbean, which I believed 100%.

First, it was checked on the invoice that an appraisal was received, which was not in the paperwork provided to me. When I returned to the ship at st. Maarten, I contacted the buyer by the name of meghan to express my concerns with the purchase not having the paperwork as indicated on the invoice. She told me to visit the store at diamonds international at san juan for an explanation, which I did. The explanation I received at diamonds international in san juan is that when they give you gifts, they have to itemize some of the items on the invoice to equal the total paid! So on the invoice, it mentions blue sapphire earrings for $2100, which I never purchased and btw, these earrings do not have a statement of value stating that they are worth $2100. The statement of value was emailed to me after I was on the harmony of the seas ship.

I feel that diamonds international has put any dollar amount on the invoice for each of my purchases to justify the amount that they charged me. The statement of value says $3250, but the invoice has $32500. Diamonds international just wants me to accept it as a typo. However, I am questioning the integrity of all of my purchases, since they have earrings on there, that were supposed to be a gift, for $2100. Are any of the numbers accurate?

They are saying to justify a return, I need to get an appraisal and show that the bracelet is not worth what was paid, although their paperwork states the value of the piece. If you are accusing someone of fraud, isn't it on the company being accused to prove that it is not? They want me to get an appraisal to prove the value of the piece I brought from them when I do have paperwork from them that states the value of the piece.

I do not want any of their merchandise because I don't trust the value of any of the pieces, but I will keep and pay for those other pieces because the value on the invoice matches the statement of value. I am hoping that we can resolve the issue amicably without my going to court to accuse diamonds international of fraudulent behavior. They are trying to hold me 100% responsible because I signed the invoice and acting like they don't understand that I had to rush and leave to catch my ship. From the presentation on the ship and my discussion with the buyer, meghan, I was under the impression that any unhappiness and discrepancies could be amicably resolved.

It seems the lesson is to not sign anything without reading it in it's entirety and understand that there is a no return policy for diamonds international, regardless of what you hear on the presentations on any ship. Next time, leave the merchandise there if you can't read through the paperwork in excruciating detail, demand and look at the statement of value to compare that everything matches. And btw, the statement of value simply states what you paid for the piece. It is not a certificate of authenticy that tells you the value of the piece.

I will be taking the additional pieces I purchases to get it appraised to see how much of a fool I have been!

May 4, 2018

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