Diamonds Internationalmis-representation, poor customer service

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We cruised on carnival elation on 3/17-3/23/07 to the bahamas. We attended the shopping presentation onboard with the elation's super shopper mark. Mark touted diamond international as one of only two diamond merchants in nassau that could be trusted. We were shopping for a.50 carat loose diamond. We selected a round cut diamond price around $1700, but they would give us a deal on it for $1375. Per the salesperson and the appraisal we received from di it was valued at $1730, is.51 carat white diamond that was g color and i1 clarity. When we returned to the states we had the diamond re-appraised. I assure you that this appraiser had no interest in purchasing our diamond or selling us another diamond. He is an independent appraiser, not a jeweler, who does appraisals in several of the jewelry stores in our area. We have used him before and he was right on the money with our previous loose diamond appraisal. He neither tried to purchase our diamond or steer us to a jeweler to trade it in or sell it. My problem is not the newly appraised value of $1800, it is that that the.51 round cut, g color, i1 clarity diamond was now appraised as.48 carat, k color and i1 clarity. Not even close. My dispute is that the diamond was misrepresented. It is not what I purchased. We are in dispute with di through pti, which is about useless because they appear to be working for diamonds international. They only offer to take my diamond back and give store credit (I can trust them to not 'lose' my diamond to give me what I am paying for??). Di is trying to wear us down so we'll just give up and accept their store-credit offer. They don't know i'm in for the long-haul. Will I sail with carnival again? I don't know. Will I ever purchase anything of value overseas again? No! Diamonds international? Absolutley not and I will tell everyone I know! Read all of the theads, they are exactly what we are going through now. Buyer beware!


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      Jan 29, 2013

    Contact the FBI in New York City and report Diamonds International and or their credit card bank if included in the scam. Diamonds International is being investigated. We as American Citizens need to flood the FBI and out state senators to help put this company down and have the owners indicted. Report this issue with all document or at least your complete story When DI goes to trial you want your name added to the list.

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      Nov 15, 2019

    Diamonds International is a total scam and so are their sales people on board the cruise ships. Their all cons!!!

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