Diamond Resorts / sales rep held us against our will

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Thanks for holding me, my wife and my 1 year old son hostage.Came in for an "Owners Update" was told it would only take 45 min.

Came in at 8am wasn't "ALLOWED" to leave until 2:30. Was only on vacation for 2 days, Yesterday and Today. Cant enjoy my vacation today since I have just spent 7 hours of my vacation being told that I had to wait. I have to checkout tomorrow.

This is the third time this has happened to me, should have known better. Grand Beach, Polo Towers and now Greensprings Resort in Williamsburg VA. Shady sales tactics. Lack of empathy and unwillingness to take "NO" for an answer.

Totally regret buying this timeshare, you've officially made me an enemy of Diamond Resorts. I will not be recommending your product, in fact I will make it my lives mission to make sure people do not sign up for your terrible package. Heres the rub, I was told after all this waiting I would get a gift card, guess way NO CARD! No Gifts, Nothing.

If you want to actually take a vacation and enjoy it without being forced to sit in an office for 7 hours then AVOID DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL. I had 2 specifically bad Sales reps here Andrew Fernando, wouldn't let us leave even when my Son needed food. Went and got food so that we could STAY. My son needed a Nap, he said, go give him a nap and then COME BACK!

Right, because thats what I want to do on vacation, spend time with Andrew Fernando all day. Then Jeff Regier got involved. He actually corrected Andrew 4 times in front of me for not clearly explaining what was going on. Once I figured out that they wanted me to spend 30K More, I was out.

My wife flipped out, took our son and stormed off. No restitution. Nothing, no sympathy from anyone. I plan on seeking legal council with a large number of other angry Diamond owners to seek compensation in the form of monetary restitution.

DO NOT GO TO GREENSPRING RESORT, and beware of Diamond International.I plan on re-posting every few days!

Jul 08, 2016
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  • Jo
      Jul 08, 2016

    Help me stop this terrible practice

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  • Em
      Nov 08, 2016

    If you want to get out of their horrible sales pitch, which is so full of lies, manipulation and threats, start speaking very loudly so that everyone in the room knows how much you dislike their company. They'll swarm you with security, touch you, demand you leave and threaten to call the cops if you don't. I'm an owner and I was appalled at their latest "member update" and this is how they treated me. It was horrible.

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  • Sv
      Dec 09, 2016

    Why go in first place ?Don't be greedy and buy yourself gifts then maybe you not waste your vacation time anymore!You always can say no but your greed say yes.Stop blame others.

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