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DHI Direct Hair Implantation / BEWARE of others - DHI BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT & COST

1 Kolkata, India Review updated:

Hi my name is Aman Katiyar, I would also like to share my experience about DHI clinic DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION. I was losing hair since 2002, when I got typhoid. I consulted homeopathy doctors and they told me to take medicines and the hair fall would stop, I kept on taking those medicines and relied on the fact that I am taking medicines and I will be able to save my hair fall, but after 6 years or by 2008 I lost hair almost half of my scalp on top. Then I got really tensed since it was my 2nd year of job and I had started looking old, I tried changing few hair styles also to cover as much scalp as possible but nothing actually worked. Toppik and other fibre use to give only some coverage or volume only, and I use to apply when I used to go to some function or gathering, but then even that wasn’t a permanent solution to have head full of hair. Finally happened the disaster, I got my strip surgery done with Dr khanna, when he convinced me saying strip is the best technique of hair transplant in Kolkata and in country and the remaining hair can be saved by minoxidil application. Due to my limited knowledge I believed the doctor and went ahead for the surgery of 3000 hair. I went through excruciating pain and never ending process and healing process of that surgery and even after months I had swollen scalp. My results were also not natural. It seemed that I used to look better before hair transplant surgery only. He also told me that this hair transplant technique is the best and beware of other techniques like FUE. I tell you beware of this doctor. Guess what after noticing swollen skin continuously and non healing of my strip after 2 months, I went to DHI best hair transplant clinic – or I would say masters of hair transplant. They told me that there is something wrong with my transplant and finally they found that Dr khanna has left a stich inside, while closing the extracted unit behind my scalp. And I was shocked. Then DHI assured me of giving me good results that too with their most advanced technique. It was wonderful to be there under the expert hands of MD doctors. They told me clearly how much coverage they can give me without any confusion and showed proper calculation of extracting hair and there has been no concern of DHI cost, since they are very reasonable, atleast after having such bad experience of local doctors like khanna, who claims to be master’s. I was happy with the kind of processes they have. They assured me of European standards which are same at all of their clinics. I was so relieved after getting rid of that continuous pain. Now after 8 months I have pretty good coverage, though I wont say that my head is full with hair, but it looks definitely better than before and i am happy to restore my looks at this cost at DHI. Now they have told me to come back after a year, for more hair. Seeing the results I think I should get another transplant done. Anyways there is still 4 months left, will see it then. I would like to say all of you people who are worried about their looks and hair fall, do visit DHI clinic and have clear understanding and knowledge first, don’t just believe any doctor, like I did. Its one time thing and I think should be done with the best ones. Last but not the least, BEWARE of Dr. Khanna.

Feb 5, 2014
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