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This outfit is operating like ebay where acounts can be set up, it allows fraudulent transactions, A person will open an account or several account post some crap or product picture, use this site to transfer money from pay pal, credit cards, bank accounts, by logging in under a different outfit and buy the product them selves, the money comes out of the victims accounts at pay pal or comes on the credit card bill etc or the money is draind out of bankaccount using hacked info to access credit cards, pay pal etc.. This company is chinese so therefore with it being chinese it is a rip off unless you are a crook that wants to steal money, then this site is for you because it is just a crooked and supports all fraud activity probably gives bonus points for the busiest fraudster.. Avoid this and all chinese sites and chinese products just like you try to avoid the black plague

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  • Tr
      Feb 19, 2009

    Amen! I got taken too and the escrow sides with the seller. I reported them to US customs at and encourage others to do the same. Lets stop them dead!

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  • To
      Feb 23, 2009

    you are all jus too ###ed to do your research on the site. If u werent so ###in handicapped u wudnt have gotten urself conned. If u seem like u dont know what u are doing on the site n do not ask the correct questions to the sellers they will probably scawld u for a few pound.
    This site kicks ### if u buy the right things.
    I make thousands every month from resale and i dont list my items as genuine either.

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  • Ro
      Oct 23, 2009

    Sometimes you can find a good seller and good items, but never buy from them expensive items or brand names, everything they sell is FAKE...
    but my experience says "DON"T BUY FROM THEM"

    Their customer service suck!
    I just lost over $80
    And this time, it wasn't the fist time I had a problem with them... Sometimes I think they don't understand english or they just love ripping off people...

    Specially NEVER buy from the seller "hot_things" NEVER!
    I bought from them 3 sets of brushes (every set w/ 3 brushes n case)... n what i got? 3 cheap brushes!

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  • Em
      Apr 22, 2013

    Never shop from DHgate

    Sellers are thieves, they never send exact items, all itmes are different then they listed.

    Even if you choose paid speedy shipment options, they send your item with standart free surface post, they steal your shipment fees that you paid.

    DHgate customer service will not help you, they never help disputes and they never solve cases, their resolution center sucks

    Be aware please, I lost my $100 at DHgate, no item, no shipment, no refund

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