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I ordered new pairs of boots from dh gate - china wholesale for $200.00, they offered $ 15.00 coupon so I paid $ 185.00 for my boots not only sent wrong pair, it was also damage pair, I sent pictures of the damaged merchandise to the seller, they told me and credit back $ 65.0 for repair. I emailed stating " definitely not"! They went ahead and sent the $ 65.00 and insistning to have my boots repaired. I asked for the mailing address, so I can return the items, they ignored my email. I asked my bank - bank of america to help me with the refund so hopefully they will side with me rather than the scammers. I am still waiting for bank of america to credit my $ 185.00. Also see internet fraud and scams posted by victims of dh gate.

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  • Na
      Jul 18, 2009

    I placed an order with DHGate-- and wanted to immediately cancel the order before I paid--and the system would not permit any canceling of orders. Something's up with this B2B service--I have never been on any website that would not allow you to cancel your order at any time before making payment, or even edit the bill to ship to info. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Pm
      Aug 17, 2009
    DHGate - imitation products

    I recently had purchased 2 itouch from this site. When I recieved the products it was nothing like the picture that they posted on item. These where fake itouches not the really thing. I would never buy from them again and I think that there site should be shutdown for misadvertisement. I have attaced a picture of what I received

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  • Sk
      Aug 24, 2009

    u should try this site. ive been using it for about a year and it is very rewarding. u can earn a range of products for free. all u have to do is complete offers. each offer will reward you with credits and each credit is equivalent to 1 dollar. if u take the time to do everything you should not be disappointed.

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  • Ro
      Oct 23, 2009

    Sometimes you can find a good seller and good items, but never buy from them expensive items or brand names, everything they sell is FAKE...
    but my experience says "DON"T BUY FROM THEM"

    Their customer service suck!
    I just lost over $80
    And this time, it wasn't the fist time I had a problem with them... Sometimes I think they don't understand english or they just love ripping off people...

    Specially NEVER buy from the seller "hot_things" NEVER!
    I bought from them 3 sets of brushes (every set w/ 3 brushes n case)... n what i got? 3 cheap brushes!

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  • Su
      Apr 06, 2011
    DHGate - more trouble
    United States

    Hi, i was just wondering if anyone was having the same trouble with DHGate as i am. I put in an order for 3 ipods with a DHGate supplier a couple of weeks ago and recieved them pretty quickly with no problems. With my confidence built i've since ordered 15 more ipods between the dates of 25-jul-06 & 2-jul-06 and these ipods have still yet to be shipped. I've emailed the supplier (who does have a good feedback/rating) and it just seems like they're giving me the run-around with excuses like 'items needed to be restocked' & 'problems with they're shipping carrier.' I've read on other wholesale forums that apparently this is what some suppliers do, ship your first few items quickly without a problem, and then you gain confidence with them & order big - that's when they screw you over. I've since tried to leave feedback for this seller and found that through some (convenient) glitch in DHGate's website i am unable to (there is a feedback box but no submit button) I've also noticed that most buyers who do leave feedback, it is their first time leaving it for the supplier - it just makes me wonder if they are in the same boat as me, in leaving positive feedback for their first few successful deliveries then unable to leave feedback for the rest. Has this happend to anyone else?

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  • Su
      Apr 07, 2011
    DHGate - the ipods on dhgate are fakes!
    United States

    Have just had some faulty iPods from DHGate checked at the apple store, either apple does not recognize the serial numbers at all or serials are recognized but for different makes & models than the ones provided. It was actually quite comical watching the puzzled apple staff scratch their heads & try to explain why the white iPod video provided was registered with apple as a black model

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  • Di
      Jun 30, 2012
    DHGate - bestdealing

    I bought a product from the seller bestdealing, through the DHgate and never received. Open complaints and all procedures required by DHgate but got no return. It is a waffle. Save time and try to beat us by tiredness. Careful and not fall in this because DHgate is exempting from any liability and are in favor of sellers. I say this because even with the purchase in dispute they released the payment to the seller and just ended the dispute. Despite DHgate only mediate purchases we do not buy directly from the seller, bought in DHgate. This way they need to be on our side, to answer our emails and be watchful about dishonest sellers. The way the dhgate acts, it seems they are only interested in sales volume and not quality of service. I am disgusted with this because releasing payment of purchase is in dispute is the same as condoning dishonesty. Will be formed a gang?

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  • Ar
      Mar 07, 2014
    DHGate - dishonest, misleading, unprofessional
    DH Gate

    I am an American living in Bangkok. I have recently ordered from DH Gate and have two major problems, and two minor problems; all from one evening of ordering approximately 8 items.
    One item arrived defective and another arrived broken. One seller worked with
    me to satisfy the defect, the other seller basically told me to piss off and I was out $160. DH Gate released my money to them contrary to their own positions.
    In both cases the DH Gate process, Dispute team, whatever you call them, have been unprofessional, dishonest, and obstructive. They have been the sole reason for my long waiting, confusion, and stress.The notion that DH Gate provides protection of some sort is poppycock= it is just not true. I have witnessed them actually lie to me. It so happened that the seller and I, on the first case dispute, became friendly as we sought to end the dispute and waited for DH Gate to finally "allow" me to close it, and agreed clearly on the evidence I submitted. It was DH Gate who stepped in and lied about evidence reviewed, not knowing the seller and I were in daily contact. I have zero respect for DH Gate.
    DH Gate looks modern, new, and Amazon-ish; I assure you, it is not Amazon- ish. You are on your own in a clearing house of thousands of little Chinese backroom deals, warehouses, and BS junk sellers. In a 3rd case a seller who sells "everything brand new" sent me a Electronic Rodent Repellent that must have just come out of his kitchen. It was filthy without packaging, fingerprints, and nasty with cooking oil impregnating every nook and cranny. This is just garbage.
    In a 4th case a package of LED Lights with IR Remote control was ordered the same evening but arrived minus the IR Remote control (contrary to what the site/picture state as contents). I was told for my light color IR Remote was not used. Wrong of course as I had put these up just week prior and this was an additional.
    Imagine ordering 8 things from Amazon or another E seller and having a majority of the items broken, defective, incomplete, and then having to spend considerable, constant time in flurries of emails trying to track down, chase, chide, demand, or beg for money back or fulfillment of order. This is my experience with DH Gate. It is not possible that this is a fluke,
    Lastly, in the first example, where the seller and I worked out our problem, he sent me a replacement part. However, the part was broken worse than the original product defect. DH Gate closed my dispute ASAP based on the signature of parcel of delivery. Yet the problem was never fixed. I simply gave up on that point.

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  • Dh
      May 22, 2014
    DHGate - scam
    Dh gate
    United States

    Dear dhhate ive just successfully reversed my mc

    By the way, if you want me to send back the shoes, send me a picture of the item as
    Well as a ten page letter as to why you should get the shoes back. Also I will require that this be done
    By may 5th 2017... Oh gee mao, your time is up all ready. Too bad. Chop, chop

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