SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / no refund after major change in flight

Miami, FL, United States
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I bought a ticket for my mother in October 2016. From Bogota to Sydney. (booking no. [protected])

I received a major change notification of her flight on the 4th of January. The options that despegar is offering us, do not suit my mother's requirements since she will have to wait about 19 hours in LAX for the conection or go to three diferent airports in USA before arrive to Bogota. If those options were the ones in the webpage at the beginning I wouldn't have bought the tickets

After several phone calls and emails, on the 11th of January they agreed to refund the money, then on the 23rd of January, they sent me an email saying they won't make the refund and If my mom doesn't show up at the airport the ticket will be void and the money will be lost.

we have less than a month to solve the problem (Ticket departure 22nd of February 2017), and Despegar is playing with us saying that they are going to make the refund and then taking it back.

we're requesting the refund since we weren't the ones who requested any changes to the itinerary and the options offered are ridiculous

Jan 26, 2017

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