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Design - Legacy - Dallas / Fraudulent business practices!

1 United States

I can verify that Kelly O'Neal at Design-Legacy (or Legacy Design or whatever he and his thief of a partner are now calling their con game) is a liar and a thief and a con man. They commissioned designs from me, accepted delivery, were given an invoice and I haven't heard from them since (it's been about six months). Surprise, surprise! My designs are being shown in their West Village den and at their showroom (Daryl Jenkins) at the World Trade Center. Their showroom has to be in on the scam with them... I complained to them and they said it wasn't their problem. These thieves need to be put out of business! I'm considering suing, but it costs a LOT of money upfront. Since they scammed me I've heard from at least three other artists who they've done the same thing to. If I'd known what lowlife ### they were, I wouldn't have worked with them. Let anyone you know - artists especially - that if they're approached by these parasites, they should run as fast as they can in the other direction!

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