Dermawandhorrible service and staff

This company is a joke. This product is a joke as well. They will add extra products to your order without your knowledge and then charge your credit card monthly for them. Overdraft are rampant in bank accounts of dermawand customers thanks to this company scam practices. Their customer service is a joke. I spoke with three agents; lucia, being the first of three, she was clueless about product knowledge and could not give me an straight answer about what I was purchasing. She set me up for every 30 day charges that I did not approved and I kept getting this expired creams that only caused redness and swollen face.
The second agent was someone with the name of luis or louis, this agent needs to learn english and manners!! He was so darn rude and loud that I had to hang up the phone on him.
Lastly, the third agent I spoke with during my 5th call to resolve the scamming scheme they were doing with my bank account was named aron which told me he was the supervisor on duty. That "supervisor" had no idea how to solve my account issues and told me basically I was screwed and had to eat the charges because they did not take creams back. I told him I will accuse dermawand of scamming its customers and report to different business controls agencies such as bbb and local authorities.
I called back and two agents were very professional and gave me excellent customer service, I don't recall their names but I believe they were george which despite his accent was very polite and knowledgeable and a woman whom I believe name was gloria or loria. These two agents did a good job and would make you have some hope in the company. But as far as the rest whom I spoke with and the scams runs by this company, I can only wait to see it burn in a courthouse during afternoon news.

Dec 24, 2014

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