Dellmontunauthorized credit card

There have been a number of transactions made onto my card for Dellmont payments. POS international purchase chq 10.45 Dellmont -----------6171 10th nov amount 126.17 Zambian Kwacha. POS international purchase chq -----------6171 10th nov amount 126.17 Zambian Kwacha. These are only a few recent examples of the lost list of transactions made. This has been going on since September along with unauthorized purchases from Ali express to an unknown address and unknown cell phone number. I have never bought anything from Ali express and all of these purchases happened after your company charged me when I have never ever had anything to do with your company. I would like for you to cancel all the purchases and refund my money. I have over 500 dollars of unauthorized money missing in total. I need to get to the bottom of why this has been happening without my notice and who or what is behind this as well as why your company is charging me. I can send you all the information you need.


Nov 27, 2018

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