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I am unemployed and was trying to save some cash on gifts for Christmas. I signed up on a website called I signed up with on 10/24/12 and purchased a bid package for $36 (won zilch), but so many Facebook friends began posting praises that I gave it another try. I bought more bid packages and "won". Of the items that I did not win, I was given the option to buy outright at full price, and get my bids back, so I purchased 3 items. Every item that I won or purchased was given a notice of "shipped" with a reference number (which is useless) and expected arrival. Two of the items were to have been delivered by 12/2/12, but never arrived. Four of the items I won were to have been delivered by 12/05, and never arrived. I signed on to my DealDash account to find messages that my purchased items were out of stock and they had "replacement" offers. Well, those replacement offers do not equal what I spent! And, when I looked at the upcoming auctions, they had the very same items listed for auction, again!!! I have yet to receive even 1 of the 11 items that I won or purchased! They now have $1253.00 of my money and I'm unemployed! I'm not going to be able to buy gifts for my family, now! I have filed complaints with the BBB and the FTC and awaiting responses, but I have a feeling that my complaints will be go unheard or deemed unimportant; and more people will be suckered into their web. DealDash responses to my emails were bogus excuses as to why I don't have my items. Their phone number is not listed on their website and the only way I found it was through BBB's website. I called, left messages, but they do not answer the phone and do not return calls. I want my money back. is ripping people off who were trusting to be a legit business, but they are thieves!

I am by no means the only one that has been taken by these creeps. Simply "google" complaints re: DealDash and it pulls up hundreds of folks with the same experience.

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