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I just purchased a new 2009 Honda Civic from David McDavid. Below is my experience with the David McDavid dealership in Frisco.

About three weeks ago, I purchased a new Honda Civic from DMD in Frisco and as I went through the financing department, I refused the extended warranty numerous times and Tammy (the finance person) told me she could give me the extended warranty for only $1.00 more a month. She asked me, “How can you refuse if it is only a dollar a month more?” I said “Well, I couldn’t refuse it for that amount.” Then she ran me through the paperwork so quickly that I didn’t see that the dollar a month actually came to over $1100.00 on the paperwork. I called the next day and David Mc David rewrote my contract and removed the extended warranty. I believe this was mainly due to the fact that a friend of mine was also purchasing a vehicle and was refusing to move forward with her purchase until my contract was corrected.

I had considered keeping my 2003 Civic (which I used as a trade-in) and letting my daughter use it. She was recently married and they are trying to get a house and plan to purchase a new Honda later. As it would happen, she had to make a trip out of town after I purchased my new car – she drives a 2000 Honda Civic and out of concern for her welfare on the road, we traded cars. I haven’t ridden in her car in a really long time and I was surprised at how unsafe her car made me feel while driving.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Frisco, TXAfter I drove her car for a day, I realized what a mistake it was to trade my car in when she could be driving it – I know, I’m naïve but I thought I’d call and just see if there was any way I could get my ’03 Civic back and put a down payment on my new car. I thought it might be an impossibility, but I thought I wouldn’t hurt to call and ask. I called and spoke with a salesman by the name of Steve (the salesman who sold my friend, her new Honda Civic), I told him what my scenario was and asked if it would be possible to get my car back and make a down payment instead of using it as a trade in. Let me say if Steve had said “no” we just can’t do that….I would have accepted that moved on, however, Steve said let me check to see if we still have your car. He puts me on hold for a few minutes and when he returns he says, I’m sorry your car has already been sold.
I happened to ride out to the David McDavid Frisco store this past Saturday and what do I see but my car sitting on their lot. It had not been sold and not only that but David Mc David only offered me $4800 for my 2003 Honda Civic (they also wrote off $700, I think of add ins on my new car), they are selling my ’03 for $9, 900. Did I have “sucker” written across my forehead when I walked into their store?
I know I signed the contract and traded my car in and I could understand being told they would not give my car back (I figured it was an impossibility to begin with); here’s the thing that disturbs me – twice I was deceived by two different employees at David Mc David in Frisco.
I was asked several times to be sure and give their store a high rating on the survey which would follow my purchase.
I want to post this letter mainly to any single ladies who might be purchasing cars from them….just beware.
Wanda Lowry

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  • Cy
      Sep 02, 2009

    First of all, I love my Honda I have been driving Honda since 1995 and as a divorced woman it has never let me down. I recommend them to everyone. I have had multiple unpleasent experiences with David McDavid, Clear Lake, and Sanddollar Honda in the Houston/Galveston area. On one occasion the late Marvin Zindler intervened for me. Perhaps it is because we are single woman or perhaps it is because people just don't have a strong work ethic anymore. How sad.

    Cynthia Browning

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  • Su
      Feb 17, 2010

    I experienced similar stuff whith Tammy (finance lady) and used car sales man. I purchased my used vehicle one month back and it looked everything went smooth until I agreed for a price and the papers went to finance department. Tammy from finance department gets very annoying while selling the extended warranty and pushing for Honda finance. there is a very thin line between selling and annoying and she kept crossing that line throughout the selling process. I had to tell that I am walking off before she mellowed down.
    The salesman was a nice guy but he did not tell me anything that was wrong with the vehicle, he just kept talking about honda certified, low mileage and more good pointers but not a word about what was wrong with the vehicle or what was missing. I realized after the purchase that the vehicle did not have cup holder and it had a major roof damage which I could not see as I did not climb on it. Now I will try to contact the manager and take this fight to court if required to get justice..

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  • Ad
      Mar 16, 2010

    I bought a car from David McDavid today and had a very odd experience. After several days of negotiation I traded in my car for a good price and bought another at a fair price. I admit to being a bit confused as to how the dealership was going to make money on the deal and stated so to my wife. They accepted my trade and the pricing and left me to wait for the finance guy, knowing that I had only an hour and a half to complete the paperwork. At an hour and twenty minutes the finance guys finally shows up and starts pushing an extended service plan and mountains of paperwork that 'only needed my initials'. He also wanted to sell me a service plan that would magically lower my interest rate by 3.5%. Having only a few minutes to figure out what was really happening I agreed to what appeared to make most sense. HERE IS THE REAL DEAL. I looked at the contract tonight to see that they added $1500 to the negotiated price and $2500 for an extended plan to cover 36 months of a car that has 30 months 0n the existing manufactures warranty! So $4000 was added to the price of the car, hidden in the details of the contract. Being wise to the BS of car buying, I am still in possesion of the title on my trade in and will be at the dealership tomorrow to see how honest they really are. I hate to admit, but this is the second time in 5 yrs this dealership has tried slight if hand with me. 5 years ago I agreed to buy a new Si and traded in my vehicle. They allowed me to keep the new Si for the day while they worked out the paperwork. when I came in the following day my vehicle was on a trailer to the auction and the paperwork had been drafted in my 'wifes' name so the dealership could profit on the credit differnce. BUT I WASN'T MARRIED! They had taken my car as a trade and drafted the contract for someone else. I encourage anyone who reads this to explore all other possibilities before dealing with David McDavid.

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  • Da
      Jan 15, 2013

    Beware David mcdavid honda frisco, Texas. I found a 2013 Honda accord on autotrader a good price. Thought a would take a trip and see. The car was listed for 22, 747 for ex. I asked the salesmn about the price I saw on the Internet he said yes that was right. After spending approx 2 hours looking and test driving I decided to see what they could do. Long an beyond here comes the sales mgr. and tells me that is not the price on the car it's over 26, 000. This was the exact same car down to the stock number. I said the pricing on the Internet says 22, 747 and that's the price I'm here for no 26 plus thousand. He began to tell me well we have ad ons. But they fail to mention this in the ad. Totally mis leading. His reply was well other dealerships do it so we have to do it to. ps the ad-on were window tint, wheel locks, a rubber mat for the trunk all for the low low price of an extra 3200 plus dollars. You should have seen the look in the managers eyes as he tried to snowball me this line of bs. He couldn't even sell it to himself let alone me. I walked out immediately. I will never ever go back to this scam dealership...!!!

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