Dave & Buster’s in Maryland HTS, MO.policy

I recently had out of town guests. On their last night, my niece and nephew wanted to take my 15 year old daughter to Dave and Busters. They loaded their cards ahead of time. When they got there, they were told they would not be allowed in as she was 15 years old and they were 22 years old. Apparently, they would have to be 25 years old! Nowhere on your website is this mentioned (I finally found it complained about in the reviews!!) It would certainly be helpful if you would add this to your website, before other people spend driving time, and have their money tied up on your card, only to be denied access. As this was two, what should be considered adults, and one 15 year old, not a toddler or young child, I believe your managers could have made an exception. I'm very disappointed with your facility and hope you add my recommendations to your website!!!

Jan 08, 2019

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