Data Recovery Labs (aka Ascendtech)Sent back drive in WORSE shape than submitted

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Submitted 80GB hard drive that was spinning and was able to see folder structure in command console but not able to in Windows. We were told that our drive would be put on the bench and tested to see if the data was recoverable. We paid extra to have our drive 'fast-tracked' and within 3 days were told that our data was indeed recoverable and that it would take about 3 weeks to complete. We authorized the recovery process and made it clear to the company that we needed the data by a specific date. Long story short, a month passed and I called to get a status on the drive. I was told that it was taking a little longer than normal and that it would be a few more days. A week passed with no email correspondence and was told that the preliminary copy was completed (copy's bit by bit or something) and that there were a few sectors that needed to be manually repaired by an engineer. More time passed. A few weeks later I called again and was told that the progress was going well and that it would be a few more days to complete. Once again, a week passed and I called to get another sob story. Day after day I kept getting the same thing... 'more time needed' until we were out of time! On my last attempt I told Kevin Gladki, an support technician, that we needed the data by Wednesday of the next week or we need our drive back. I was told that he would personally supervise the engineer with our drive and they would call or email me on Wednesday. Wednesday came and gone without any email or phone call. I called again on Thursday to request our drive back and was told that they would ship it that day and how sorry they were and that if we gave them MORE time he was sure that the data could be recovered. I replied that almost three months should have been plenty of time to recover one small folder full of spreadsheets and that we just didn't have any more time. We had an audit that week and needed those spreadsheets THEN and not another four months from now. Three days went by and I called back because I didn't get a tracking number like I was promised. I was told that I would get it by the end of business that day. Nope... that didn't happen either.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Willoughby, OHSee a trend here? Another week passed and I called to see why we haven’t received our drive back. I was told that they STILL had the drive and It would be shipped that day. I told the rep that I heard that line before and I needed the tracking number to believe him. Two days later, still no tracking number. Three days later and I finally get the drive back. The first thing I do is hook the drive up to my USB adapter (allows any drive to be an external USB drive) and guess what? Nothing works at all. The drive doesn't spin the device is not even recognized. I called back to tell them that they sent us back the drive in WORSE shape than how we sent it to them and I wanted to know what my options were. I was told that I could send the drive BACK to them so that they can finish the recovery process. Oh, hell no. Not going there. After several minutes of trying to understand why they sent back a completely mechanically damaged drive when we sent them a completely mechanically good drive I finally gave up. The rep tried to tell me that they had to fix it several times and replace the read/write heads multiple times, etc but I wasn't buying into that nonsense. Now we are stuck with a drive that is now completely unrecoverable thanks to Data Recovery Labs. We have stopped payment on the initial fee of $200 + for the diagnostics and unfortunately all we can do is tell other people NOT to use this company nor their parent company, Ascendtech (###-end-tek) because they, too, have unethical sales and service issues. I have recorded conversations with these reps to prove that we were misled and taken for a long--### ride in case of future class action. I recommend anyone who has had this type of experience with this dead-beat company to keep all records as well. The Ohio Better Business Bureau has given this company a score of F in the last 6 months so that should tell you something. We went with Data Recovery Labs because of the good reviews on the web and their impressive rate of recovery and letters of recommendation posted on their website. I guess we really can't believe everything that we read or see online and this is a testament to that. If you ever need a drive recovered you might as well burn it if you choose to send it to Data Recovery Labs.

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  • It
      Aug 13, 2010

    Holy Crap Batman! I thought that I was the only one who got banged without lube by these idiots. Personally, I don't think they even have a cleanroom and harvest parts from one drive to use on another just to make you think that they are doing something. You can never get a straight answer from them if you can even get a hold of them. Plus, you can't understand what the hell they are saying which makes me wonder if they live in Afganistan or something. There is a special place in Hades for these schmucks. So sorry that you got the pole stuck in you like I did, IT Sportek. We live and learn. Sometimes the hard way.

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  • Ri
      May 31, 2011

    I was charged $300 for the initial "evaluation", it has been around 10 months since I initially started working with them. The last email I got from them is from August 2010!. Telling me that they were still working on it, so whets new? I see a class action lawsuit coming here. I have come to think that this company doesn’t even exists, all they have is a warehouse where they pile up the drives for a while and then send them back as they were.

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  • Te
      Jul 06, 2011

    Its simple,, data recovery labs, and whatever else they call themselves nowadays are con artists. I got ripped off the same way, they told me that they had a clean room and were the best in the business and charge me $320 for "donor parts" while my drive is shipped off to somewhere in Ohio to apparently have the work done. Lo and behold, 4 months later they are still saying they are working on it? I have asked to cancel and have a refund and they refuse. DATARECOVERYLABS.COM RIPPED ME OFF and if anyone has any information on a class aciton lawsuit I will gladly join in on this. I have already reported them to Attorney General of Ohio and look up Ascendtech they are the same business and they have a TON of complaints online.

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