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I started withh dart in August of 08. I did extremely well with them.. Loved my job. I got hurt while delivering @ GP in Cleveland, Tx in July 09.. GP being 1 of Darts biggest clients i was trying to settle things quietly. GP was saying dart was responsible due to somthing in the contract while Dart was saying GP was miss reading the contract. Well the damage to my knee was sever but in August i tried to go back to work because I didnt want to lose my truck and my family was used to a certain lifestyle. In mid Sept. I rcvd a Safe driving award. While home on Oct 09, 2009 I requested a handicap placard from my Dr because I was still wearing an ACL brace and we were getting into bad weather season. I went back out on the road. On Oct 17 I was being told that safty needed me to come to the Dallas yard that it had somthing to do with logs and me retaking a safty class I said fine. I get a load and head to Dallas. When I get there I Figure well imma hv to be here for this class might as well put my truck on in the shop and get the work i needed done done. I put my truck in the freightliner and headed to the hotel.. They call me into the office for what is supposed to be a log book class because I had switched to thier new pplnet system. When I get in there they asked if I had made a U turn in sumwhere WI. I said yes I made a U turn from a U turn lane why. they informed me it was against company policy to make U turns and that they were ending my contract. I was like I made it from a Uturn lane they informed me it didnt matter that Uturns were prohibited but would not show me were it said that. I told them that 1 if they were firing me for that then they would hv fired me b4 i went home and got the handicap sticker. I had just got the safe driving award and they wait until i need a handicap sticker to fire me. I was still doing my job. wasn't late on loads, was actually usually early for loads and waiting for next 1s. Dart does not stand behind thier contractors when things happen.

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  • Ca
      20th of Nov, 2012

    i agree im a currently leased to them AND THEY SUCK the only thing i do like is gettn paid when i deliver

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