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CVS Photo Lab - Jonesboro, GA / They lost my photos!

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I took a roll of film to CVS photo lab on June 15. Store located at the corner of Tara Blvd. and Battlecreek Rd. in Jonesboro, GA. These were pictures of MY MOTHER'S 90TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! I was told to expect them back on the following Wednesday, June 20. I returned on the 20th, and they could not find them. The customer service photo lab line showed NO RECORD of the photo order. THEY LOST THEM!!!

Supposedly, the photo lab people are doing a "lab search". Since there is no record of the roll of film being received, this has to be a problem with the courier who was supposed to deliver them to the lab. One lady at the lab was very nice and said that they usually turn up at the home office, and that there would be an update on June 29. Guess what? It's June 29 and all they can tell me is that they are "lost".

If I ever find out who is responsible or what happened to my photos, someone is going to pay! I mean lawsuit! I have used CVS to develop my photos for years, and of course THIS important roll had to be the one lost!

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  • Bu
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    There is no such thing as an unimportant roll of film. I mean think about it. If it were unimportant you would not be taking photos. Film gets lost, damaged It happens everywhere film is developed. That is why there is a disclaimer on every photo envelope limiting damages to a new replacement roll of film. That limit is legal and has been tested in court so don't bother. You can not win that way. You can however be polite but insistant that something be done. Most places will do something for you because they are truly sorry this happend to you. I know nothing they do will make it better but geve them a chance to do what they can. Usually a free film and developing and perhaps a store credit. Just remember what they do is a GIFT , by law you are only intitled to that replacement roll of film. It dosn't really matter where you take your next roll the chances it could get lost are the same. Most rolls in the same area are developed buy the same large photo plant.

    Now one other thing you can do is double check yourself to make sure you did not contribute to the problem.
    Did you get the photo envelope from that store that day? If you got it from another store of cvs but turned it in at this store the photos will go to the store you got the envelope at (they are coded). Do you go by more than one name. Many times people use other names when they do film and then forget what name they used. Did you have a friend drop the film off? If so perhaps it is under that name. Did you print your name on the envelope or write it? If it was written, God only knows which bin it gets filed in. The photos could be there but they guessed wrong at reading your chicken scratching. Ask if it would be ok if you looked at all the envelopes to see if you recognise your handwriting. Did you put last name in the first name spot? Ask them to look in the bin by your first name. Did you put your phone # on the envelope? If so good, Sometimes photos get sent to the wrong store and if this happens you may get a phone call from that store in a few weeks because you have not picked up your order. If this happens make sure you ask which store they are calling from. Your first thought would be to run down to your store to pick it up but your film may be half way accross the state.
    Hope this helps
    good luck

  • Bu
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    Oh and I almost forgot. The Cust service line only indicates outgoing film they do not log it at the plant when it comes in (wierd I know). This could mean yours is still in processing. Check back at the store. Some types of film take longer. Just keep checking Almost all orders turn up. Have the store do a TRACER on your order. It will make the photo plant put out an APB on your film. Do it in writing (there is a special form). Doing it over the phone is not the same. If you did not get a call from the photo plant a couple weeks later they did not do a tracer they just called the plant to see if yours was done, Not the same.
    Best wishes

  • Tw
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    You can't sue the company for your lost photos. There's a disclaimer that says so.

  • Nc
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    Next time do in store processing can be processed while you shop.When photo's are sent out THEY LEAVE THE STORE !!!SO NEXT TIME TRY ONE HR.Any where you take your film that does not have Photo lab in store are SEND OUT.They all go to same lab in your area.Your super market-your local or some of your other drop off area will all go to that same lab.Next time you have Photo's that are going to be that valuable to you DON'T SEND OUT! Good luck on finding your prints it can happen any where.

  • Ca
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    On June 18th 2008 .I went to the CVS pharmacy in Plainville, ct 06062. to have some photo's developed off my memory card. A women I had worked with 7years ago, came along with me. I had ran into this woman 2 months prior.she had asked me if I could take some pictures of her children, i did knowing this women had a limited income, and didn't get to see her children all that often. There were about ten pictures on my memory card, of her children she picked those out. I then picked out about 8 pictures of myself, personal pictures to send my boyfriend. Pictures that were sexy in nature, however totally above board and without question decent. these were my pictures as a gift, only to be seen by my boyfriend and myself. I put the order in, I was told machine was broken to come back on Monday. that was not a problem there was no rush. I went home 10 minutes later to realized my memory card was missing. I called CvS up. they said they had not seen it. I immediately went down there. looked everywhere. I was told by a male clerk about 20 years old. that it was my fault, he could do nothing. On Tues July 22nd I went to pick up the pictures, I ordered. that same day about 1 hour after I picked up my pictures, and without my knowledge the woman who i had taken the pictures of her children with entered store and asked for her pictures, well they could not be located. so she gave them my name. the clerk punched in a code and let this women sit down and order any picture she wanted off my memory card. with out my knowledge. she printed them for her, these included the pictures i was to send to my boyfriend. and gave her a free 25.00 gift coupon because as the clerk states she felt intimidated by this woman. I only found out because this woman called me to tell me what cvs gave her. I was in shock, I called district manager, he said it was wrong that clerk let women into my pictures and pick anything she wanted. i told district manager this was a clear violation of my right to privacy, because after I opened my package . I received 5 pictures, they lost the rest . I called several people to get there take on this matter, what I found out after telling several people the name of the woman who stole the pictures from me that, she was arrested earlier this year for robbery in the 3rd, at CVS. I WAS IN SHOCK, apparently this woman was not suppose to return to the store, and she did, and then they gave her all these free items. I told D.M. I wanted my pictures back. he said they would definitely do something, he gave me a 100.00 gift card and 25.00 cash. to replace memory card. that was a nice gesture sure, he was suppose to call me with update on case, i have not heard one word from anyone at CVS, can you imagine, they thought a 100.00 gift card was going to buy me off. apparently those pictures are somewhere I have received several filthy phone calls making reference to those pictures. I WANT MY PICTURES BACK. DID THEY THINK THEY WERE GOING TO SWEEP THIS UNDER THE RUG, AND NOT EVEN HAVE THE CURTOSITY TO CALL ME BACK . I THINK NOT. I AM NOT DONE WITH THIS, I FEEL VIOLATED, AND MY RIGHT'S WERE IGNORED. ANY FEEDBACK EMAIL ME AT CARLUDSMITH@COMCAST.NET

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