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Cuyahoga County Department of Child and Family Services / After reporting abuse children placed back with abuser for worse abuse, proof of abuse

1 Westlake, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4403094053

I lived in a home with reported domestic violence with police involvement. The police witnessed signs of abuse, such as the slash marks from a belt on various areas of the body. Neighbors, Teachers, Counselors, and other people made several calls to the Department of Child and Family Services to report abuse. Emotional, Physical, Sexual abuse with the inclusion of neglect. The abuser would not answer the door for the social workers, so they left and did not further investigate. Upon the report of sexual abuse, the children were removed from the home. The children were placed with the Ex-wife of the person who was sexually molesting the children. When the ex-wife and the abuser were married, the ex wife made her granddaughter sleep in the bed in the next room with her husband. While she slept in another room with her grandson. Odd? This is the alternative placement they placed the child that told of the abuse. I am that child. The abuse only became worse because the abuser and his son (adoptive father of child) had unsupervised access to the children. The child suffering from the sexual assaults was ridiculed day in and day out. Called names such as whore, ###, slut, lier, etc. She was beaten and told that she would be beaten daily until she told them she was lying. During the interview with CPS, the child was pushed to better describe the events (autistic spectrum child). The inappropriate actions the child described, which was basically touching and holding the child in certain positions against her will. This happened to her sister as well. Basically, the consensus was that this wasn't good enough. Wasnt good enough are the words that I specifically remember. For something that wasnt good enough, it surely caused me years of phychiatric problems. I was destroyed emotionally, physically, and if I said I lied and went home...I would see the abuser much less. So, I did it. The abuse was much more deleterious after the report. My adoptive father was intimidating, and no one would stand up to him. He beat us constantly, it felt like everyday. I have pictures of a child never looking at the camera, never smiling, a child that looked broken. Other issues: neglect- no food, no drink, no clean clothes, children left alone during the night or for a couple days. I slept with knives because I was soo scared. I told, no one cared. We would get removed for a short time, placed with the abusers mother, tortured and returned. Records of domestic violence reports, I guess that wasn't good enough either. Multiple reports to CPS by various people, still nothing. I kept on fighting and telling and being put back. They told the abuser everything I said, and that I said it. My biological mother was a drug addict, and she would beat me. My first memory as a child is this...I was around 3 and I had to stay in bed all day, no food, no drinks, and I would have to go to the bathroom. If I moved, she would beat me. The sun had come up, and it was getting dark. I had to go so bad, I often had UTI's because of this. I tried to ever so gently wiggle of the bed, but I had to go so bad that I moved quickly because I could not hold it. She woke, grabbed the belt next to her, with buckle swinging she stuck me repeatedly. Slash marks across my face with buckle imprints. She hit me over and over and over again. I urinated and defacated all over myself. I just felt everything stinging, everywhere it stung. I screamed a scream that was deafening. She finally panicked, she grabbed me, ran cold bath water and submerged me. My body began to burn like I was on fire all over my body. I remember falling back, I couldn't see, and that was all I remember. I was severly malnourished and under weight. I had horrible asthma and some other psychological problems, but my biological mother took all my medicines to get high. There is more than what I can write here. The constant in all of this is, no matter how often I told, no matter what, I was forced to go back. I had to run away, run away, and run away until they finally removed me. The following sibling in age ran away, ran away, and ran away again til they removed her. Still 2 sisters remained behind. The school was causing the abuser too much grief, so he took the girls out of school and home schooled them. The school tried to contact the girls, but he controlled everything now. Finally, my youngest sister went into the ER with broken bones and they removed them. Nobody protected me, they were afraid of my abuser, ironically. People were well aware that bad things were happening and they turned their head or knocked and left without return. I would like anyone to provide me any information in regard to legal actions I can take. I've got proof, a sister who was the my replacement to endure sexual assault. She violently attacked kids at school all of the time, senther to a bad kids school? A case record from CPS 5 inches or larger. I've attempted suicide 2 or 3 times, and had a psychological breakdown because repressed memories surfaced and I thought that the abuse was occuring presently. I got the police involved. I have been under psychiatric care for many years. My sister has attempted suicide, she cuts, I used to cut, because physical pain hurts less then the emotional pain. Cutting lets you know you are alive, because I was dead in all aspects except physiologically. There is so much, I want to make sure this doesnt happen to another child, and I want someone to be accountable. It wasn't good enough, who says its not good enough? Who is responsible and what legal penalties can be implemented? I am looking for anyone who knows anything about this, who is willing to help hold those accountable responsible. What the state did wasn't good enough, not even close. How many times can they remove and put the same kids in and out of a house? How many child abuse reports does it take? How many bruises are enough? How underweight do you have to be? Is it normal to stare out into space, and never look a person in the eye? What kind of sexual abuse IS good enough? Its time for someone somewhere to be held responsible. Please contact me at the number above, I am waiting and ready. I have photos of me that indicate something is severely wrong with me, but I choose not to put it up because it includes the abusers in the picture.


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