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I want to tell you another story. ABOUT THE USA FAMILY. I came in this country as AU-pair. I had an experience of working with children, I was in Germany as au-pair, the only thing that I couldn't say I have an experience with is driving. Talking to my host family from my home, I told them that after getting my driving license, I could drive just once a month on weekends with my dad. Because I don't have my own car. So I don't have an experience of driving. My host dad asked me if I am afraid of driving or not. I said no, because it was the truth. The only thing I need is experience. He told me not to worry, because I'll take some driving lessons in the USA and will get their local driving license. I was glad, because it was my only problem.
As I came to my host family the situation looked like this: first day they were ok, second - they were already mad, because I couldn't remember everything about what to do with 3 children, their lunches, etc. Third day was driving. I was shocked I could hardly drive, because roads signs are different as in my country, the car is different. I was afraid to drive not because I can't do it or I am afraid of driving at all, just because I didn't know the rules and it is the worst thing on the road and it doesn't matter you have experience or not.
After they told me that I am a lier, because I can't drive. I'd like to see them in my country, how would they feel and drive if you can hardly understand what is written on the sign. Then I took driving lessons, my host dad bought me a book with the rules, and I was pretty good. They were afraid I am not safe enough. I was, because didn't know the rules. But after studying a book, and having 14 hours of lessons with driving I was good, I felt better, because it was already easy for me. But once we were driving, I was following my host mom's car, wheather I didn't put turn signal on, or she just didn't want me to stay with them any more, she said no, you can't drive. So now we are in transition, because I can't drive. And I am a lier because I said I can. They said I was irresponsible, lier, the person that they couldn't relay on, the reason for that I didn't know. They made a fool of myself.
Then after one week of following them to children' school I still couldn't remember the way, because I was following, I was surching the car with my eyes, I was afraid to be lost in a big city, in a foreign country. If I once went there by myself, I could know the way in one week, because following didn't help me a lot. They were already mad, that I still don't know the way. But once I did get lost, and after that I knew where to go, because that is the thing that helps, I had to do it at least once by myself. Some of them could be in the car, but I had to do it by myself.
Then she (host mother)s tarted to scream at me, was always mad. When we were preparing kids' lunch boxes, I was trying to do it by myself, instead of telling me that something should be done in a different way, she was screming at me. After I did it by myself, she were changing everything without giving me a chance to learn how to do it in an appropriate way. I was always putting bottle of water in the bag we were going to the park with in the evening, but she took it away, and was screeming at me in the morning that I didn't put any water. So they didn't give me time and chance to be good. They were always putting sticks in the wheels. And I couldn't work like this. I was always nervous too. It was like a nightmare.
They were acctually screaming at their adopted children (there are 2 of them), when they said smth bad at school, the punishment was no dinner, sometimes even breakfest on the other day and it could repeat the whole week.
I know that there are good families, but I've gor just a terrible one. :(
As far as the services of CULTURALCARE are concerned, I am just dissapointed, because I paid money for their services, I had two weeks to find another family, but they were not trying to help me. My program director was recomended me as a non-driver at all. I can drive, I have driving license, I just have no experience. I got 2 phone calls from her, one was informing me about a fact that I am in transition with my family, and the other one at the end of 10days, that she is going to book tickets home for me, because ther are no families for me. She had to call me more, and at least inform me, how was everything going, but she didn't, she just didn't do anything to help me. She just told me she was sorry.
Morover my LCC, talking with my host family about the transition, it was monday, asked them from what day they wanted her to count 2 weeks (she was not allowed to do it, because it's counted from the day we came into a transition), they told friday, so I had 3 days less. That's how CULTURALCARE HELPED ME TO FIND ANOTHER FAMILY. NOW I HAVE TO COME BACK AND I DON'T KNOW FOR WHAT DID I PAY MONEY???
Terrible family. I am glad that I won't be with them any more, there are 2 thing that I am sorry about is that I can't stay here any more :( and I am sorry for the adopted kids of my host family :(

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  • Ol
      21st of May, 2010

    not knowing the full situation, I can only say One thing, we do not adopt children to give them a loving quality family life and then hire an Au pair. I feel bad most for the kids, and this womAn ... believe in yourself, and understand as an Au pair you are going to deal with a lot of children that miss the time with their parents, If you can emotionally handle that, well you are a saint, Just be good to the kids, they probably, need all of the love and attention they can get> Oh and it is apaulling if you can afford an au pair you can probably afford for one parent to WORK part time or be home with the kids... ###s.

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  • Xg
      20th of Sep, 2010
    CULTURALCARE - bad relationship
    cultural care
    United States

    i was au pair for a nine months and that was the worst experience, Dava Yavetz program director was the worst person i had ever meet in my life...DONT EVER TAKE CULTURAL CARE FOR YOUR AGENCY

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