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I had an auto loan with First United Bank and I never had any problems with them. Our payments were always on time. Two months ago they sold my loan to CSC Logic INC. Usually we would just make a payment at the bank so I'd know it was on time and wouldn't have to pay any fees. With CSC, the only way to pay without being charged is to mail it. Our bill said to mail it 7 days in advance, we sent the payment 10 days ahead of the deadline. They said they didn't receive it in time so they are trying to charge us late fees and interest fees. We never recieved a contract from them stating any of this. We did what the bill told us to do. They just said too bad. How are they allowed to switch the terms of our loan without notice? They are based in Texas and I live in West Virginia so it's impossible to make a payment on time because according to them, I have to mail it a month ahead now. The customer service is no help and they just argue with us.


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      Sep 11, 2018

    Been buying cars for 30 years. Never have had so many problems as with this company. They screw up then their collection department calls me at work every day, even though I set a date to fix the issue their inept billing created.

    Avoid if you can.

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