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CSC Logic is the new poster company for customer disservice, ineptitude and fraud. CSC was assigned or purchased my car loan when Amcore Bank dissolved. I mistakenly thought I had paid off a company car loan at the time of my bank's dissolution (there were many issues requiring resolution). It turns out I had set up a monthly auto draft for the loan. I had previously set up an accelerated auto draft with Amcore and further accelerated the pay off with CSC. CSC never provided a contract. statements or communication. CSC also never acted on the agreed upon (via internet) auto pay I had set up. After not hearing anything for ten months from CSC, finally a draft was sent to my bank for the auto payment. Having never heard from CSC, I had forgotten about the car loan (mistakenly thinking it had been settled), I stopped payment on the draft. I have finally heard from CSC and have asked for loan details, statement of account and information via phone. To date, I have still received nothing except insulting correspondence.

I believe CSC did not fulfill the auto payment agreement in order to charge any "fees" it could.

After verifying with Harris Bank (purchased Amcore) and receiving a record of the original loan, I have paid off the original loan in full. I will now pay off the "fees" to settle the account and be done with "CSC".

CSC customer service (I believe there are only four employees) is insulting. No return calls, no satisfaction as to why CSC did not fulfill it's auto pay agreement.

I believe CSC is either assigned contracts or purchases loans form other institutions. Please for your own sake do not voluntarily contract with CSC Logic.

Hope I get the title and put this bad experience behind me.
In the event CSC does not forward the title, any information regarding a governmental organization I can lodge a complaint with and expect some action?

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  • Ne
      Jan 23, 2012

    I am also having trouble with this dishonest company. They have added fees at the back end of my loan but will not and cannot explain where they came from. Apparently they keep no records except the ones that benefit them. I am con tacting the Attorney General's Office in Dalls. Hope you do too.

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  • Li
      Apr 12, 2012

    My bank transferred our loan for unknown reasons??? I only had 2 or 3 payments left on a 5 year loan when they took it over BUT NOW it may take me the rest of my life to pay it off. The Customer Service (I agree with the thought of prob only 4 people) Dept. is full of liars. They sent a man to take pictures of my vehicle (supposedly) and charged me $45 to do so...the man was snapping lots of pictures of our house, land, other vehicle and my husband called to ask who it could be... At the time I was leaving the eye doctor's parking lot IN THE VEHICLE they were supposedly there to take pictures of. When I questioned CSC they said he was ONLY taking pics of the vehicle and would NOT be taking pictures of anything else!!! YEA RIGHT!!! Another agent agreed to forgive the late fee if I made payment with him right then so I did. THEN...turned around and added it back on and after 6 more calls and him still denying it and refusing to let me hear the tape of our conversation I simply hung up. (it was technically CSC's fault because the phone number they provided on correspondence was BOGUS and I had NO WAY to contact them!!!)
    I am still getting calls from them every day and they charge TEN bucks to make payment on the phone...5 bucks to make online payment and they keep adding payments but NEVER provide a detailed bill but threaten to repossess the vehicle if I don"t keep paying them~!~!~! This is the WORST company on the planet and I have no idea how to get out from under this debt because the balance keeps going up and up and up!!! I could scream and cry and stomp my foot every time I think of them~!!!

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  • Ma
      May 16, 2012

    Dear Linc's AWSM Mommy,

    Are you still receiving calls from CSC Logic? If so, could you send me their contact info. I have called 3 numbers and they are either busy, or they eventually disconnect me from the call. I have not received my title, and it has been paid off for over a year. I too was charged two fees for them sending someone to collect payment on two separate occassions. I never saw anyone, so I asked what address did the person come to. They gave me the previous two addresses yet they never sent anyone to the CURRENT address they had on file. How convenient. Of course I wasn't there to make the payment. However, I finally paid off the car in December 2010. And it is now May 2012 and still nothing. I requested my title 4 times, and they claimed it was sent 4 times. I was told they send the request to a 3rd party who then consults with the state (of the current address) to obtain the title. Then finally someone told me that they had to send someone to the New South Federal Savings Bank location to rummage through all of the packed up files to find it. I then requested a lein release letter, or a letter showing that the balance was paid. They sent a generic letter with no signature, so it does not appear to be official in order for me to take it to the state of the original title to request a new one. I am so angry. I cannot trade in my car which is now almost 10 years old. I was harrassed and charged fees for not making a payment to a company I could barely get in touch with, and now I can't get them to send me a title after a complete year.

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  • Ka
      Sep 10, 2016

    If CSC Logic is collecting payments you can send a cease and dissent letter that is available online from the government. I believe this will stop them from collections because they are only a collection Co. If they own the loan you need to take other action but you may find they are only a collection arm for the real owner.

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