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CRST / Fraudulent company

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I don't have a lot of time to go into this issue here. The purpose of this report is to expose the reality of how things go at CRST.

I went to a CRST sponsored class A driving School. Two weeks and no more than about 10-15 hours behind the wheel, it's make or break training. After I graduated and passed the DMV Exam I was Assigned to a 28 day over the road driver trainer. This person was highly intelligent, and competent but also had nothing good to say about CRST. I was required to drive 11 hours a day then attempt to sleep the remainder in a moving truck while my driver trainer drove, not an easy task. Most days I was on the verge of falling asleep at the wheel. Moving on to the subject of pay, in a nut shell you don't get any pay. So if you have rent, car payment etc, you will default on all these obligations as the company does not accurately and clearly state how much and when they are going to deduct. Furthermore the 22 cents per mile split pay is equivalent to minimum wage, and keep in mind you will need to eat at truck stops which is fairly expensive. The plan they offer is OK if you are homeless, have no bills and want to live in a truck. Remember you cant just walk off the job when your in a unfamiliar state, with no money, as you have no pay coming from CRST. So your traped. CRST has no interest in providing a income for anyone, there game is to make them money, and to exploit the ignorance of persons interested in becoming big rig truck drivers. You might ask how I can say this...well lets start here. If I own a company and hire employees out a of a certian state, say california. I know the cost of living in that state, I know most persons need to make a definite amount of money each week in order for them to meet there financial obligations. So part of my responsibility would be to offer a pay schedule that met the need's of the employee.

Thousands of company's operate this way, and retain employees for years. This is not the case with CRST, they fail to disclose at the at the outset of employee employer talks the true and accurate pay you will receive as a driver. By doing so... this causes the applicant to make a decision based on misrepresentation. If your family is at home waiting on a pay check to pay for, food, rent, etc. you will be in dire need of help and your employer will have no interest in you problem. I could go on and be more specific, but... your better of working at a fast food joint for 6.50 an hour, at least you will gat you pay at the end of the pay period. I would like to invite CRST to a meeting to discuss how they get away with this fraudulent practice. Luckily for myself, I had several other trades I had experience in, I am also a Emergency Medical Tech. so I had a way out. I took the job offer based upon making more than the 750.00 a week I was earning as an EMT. What I got was about 1/3 of that a week minus expenses. Less than minimum wage.

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  • St
      14th of May, 2009
    -4 Votes

    i work for crst and dont have any complants i also went thur there driving program

  • Ny
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Things just don't add up.

    1) drive, sleep in a moving vehicle. That is the trucker life. Don't like it or can't handle it, you are in the wrong line of work

    2) If you are driving that much time, and that the truck is moving when you are sleeping, you are running miles and making money. Stop whining and see #1 above.

    3) you do not make good per mile money the first two years, part of the deal. After that, you got training and experience and can move on to someone else.

  • Li
      1st of Aug, 2009
    +3 Votes

    My husband left me and our four children to go work for CRST. He was hired through a company that places individuals into trucking companies. Well, we were lied to from that guy starting off things. We knew he wouldn't get paid for the 3 days of orientation(which turned into over a week of just sitting in a dorm room) but was told he would get a set pay of 350 a week for training. That would have been enough to at least pay our bills, so he took the job. My husband has been gone for 3 weeks now, 2 weeks on the road and so far he has only made 80 dollars. He was placed with a owner operator who with her he has done only 3 loads!! He has been sitting for the last week in Atlanta locked up in a yard where he is about of gas, has no way to get to food and drinks and such. The driver is at home where she has been for at least a week total of the two weeks of road training he has supposed to have been getting now. They missed at least 3 loads yesterday because she turned off her phone to not be disturbed I assume. In my opinion, this company hires people, brings them all the way to Iowa, then just releases them with whoever and don't keep an eye to make sure they are actually being trained? He called a guy who was in orientation with him last night and that guy hasn't brought home less then 700 bucks since they started. So while some of the guys were lucky enough to get trainers who cared about doing their job, my husband was stuck with someone who could care less. This should be the companies fault for not supervising their employees. But while those people are making all the money and letting their employees be screwed, my children and I are about to be homeless

  • Ol
      2nd of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    the first guy sounds like he was in the wrong job what he went through is what truckers go through everday and if he can not handle it he needs to go get one of those 6.50 a hour jobs as for the lady it is not the company it is the owner operaters sound like she does not want to work and as long as that truck belongs to her crst can not do much about it your husband needs to call his recruiter and go from there they will move him to a nother trainer but he will have to complaine some and no i have nothing to do with crst i was just studing the company for future plans but that can happen in any company the owner is selfemployeed crst can not make her take jobs al they can do is drop her lease when it comes over do if she still owes on the truck

  • Tr
      8th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    to the wife of the husband stuck in the yard he should have a trainging manager that he can call up and say hey i want a new trainer if that is the case i had to start out the same way i had 5 yuears truck driving experience before i got my cdl i drove for 5 years without it but when i went to get a job and get my cdl i was told they wanted that diploma first so i got that became a student driver with my first company even though i knew how to drive and i wasnt happy with the first driver trainer so i told them about it and got switched to a new driver trainer but all of this wasnt with crst and stuff like that if it happens enough and enough complaints are filed against that trainer they can yank her trainer rights from her

  • Bi
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am 2 weeks into a 4 week Truck Driving School (IITR) and CRST is one of the companies that I am looking at can anyone with experience tell me what company they would be looking at if they were in my place. I graduate in 2 weeks and would appreciate any advise I might get

  • Je
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Anyone out there could please tell me when they were sponsored by CRST how much they were paid and how often after orientation?

  • Sp
      9th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    CRST is a horrible company lets think about this they bring on a hundred drivers a week when the economy is horrible . The reason they do this is for government money, they get paid for every new driver they bring on.So they bring you on run you with a trainer for 28 days if you make it that far because the money is horrible then they find a way to get rid of you or make you quit. They need turnover in their employees to bring on there next hundred students to get more government money. The only ones talking good about them are their trainers they need their trainers for the new 100 employees each week.So if you can put up with being broke and can put up with a lot of crap for nine months you might be alright. Yep thats right you can be a trainer after nine months of driving even just out of school kind of scary that they think your a pro after nine months. Thats why their trainers are so horrible and on top of that your trainer is probably a felon or some kind of criminal because they will hire anyone thats why people go there. So if you got a felony or D.U.I. they will hire you but i still would not recommend it. I worked there for 2 months and am glad i am done and with a real company now they are the worst company i ever worked for in my life.I have sent letters to the gov. telling them whats going on and have also got 20 other ex drivers for CRST to do the same and i encourage anyone else thats seen whats going on to do the same. Lets get this gov. money put to a end they have ruined enough lives.

  • Ro
      11th of Sep, 2009
    +3 Votes

    The Trucking Industry is what it is. Being a truck driver is hard work and a different way of life, it takes certain type of person to not only be able to do it, but to succeed at it. If you look at other industries you will find the same thing, for example, do you know how many people decide to become a nurse, go to school and then hate it, and you can see post all over the place about how bad and how mislead they were by this school or that.
    There is a high turnover in the trucking industry not because of bad companies, but because most are not cut out for it. I did a lot of research, thinking and planning before deciding to get into this industry. I resrached online and in person, I would hang out a truck stops and talk to drivers, I would buy them coffee and somtimes a meal. I got a real good Idea of what it would be like. At first I was bewildered by why there were so many posts and warnings about this or that company, and stories of horrible experiences, but at the truck stops face to face with real truckers on the road a much better view of the industry and this company or that company was being painted. Well, it all goes back to that this is not a career for everyone, there is no real way to know if one is cut out for it other then to give them shot at it. If they are cut out for it they will roll on and do well, if not, they will blame the school, the company, or the industry as a whole. I am a single woman who gave up my high heels and corporate job to become an OTR trucker. Was it an adjustment to go from staying in 5 star hotels to sleeping in a truck, you bet, was it an adjustment to not being able to always make it home because of being stuck in a truck for bad weather, or whatever, of course. not to mention working in rain, sleet, snow, fuel and grease, am I glad I traded my high heels and company sport car for work boots and 18 wheels, absolutely! it is not a mans world out here on the road, there are a lot of men who can't do what I do, it is a truckers world, and not everyone can be a trucker. Those of you thinking of entering this industry, if you are in the end a trucker, you will be happy, for those who find it is not for them, then okay, it isn't for you, stop complaining and blaming and move on, you will find your niche... just for the record, I got my start at one of those notoriously horrible companies. I learned, I drove, I got paid, I gained experienced kept my record clean and now I can cherry pick companies, that's the way it works.

  • Ja
      17th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Roadbren I salute you for one of the most sensible, truthful and realistic descriptions of new entry into the world of professional driving.

    companies are recruiting far to many individuals, but far to many individuals feel trucking is some kind of no-brainer easy way out, way of making money. sorry to disappoint. did it ever occur to some of you newbies that if you are about to enter a job that is listed in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world that it's going to be easy? and what makes you think that just because you pass your cdl your a qualified professional? what makes you think you qualify for any money, so to speak?
    i've been at this game 34 years this sept, I have accomplished over 10million professional miles, and I make less money today than I did 34 years ago, I might point out that's 10million accident free miles. but in reality that means nothing to anyone except me.
    I am a professional driver and proud of it, I believe that I am part of the most important industry in the world and that with out us our world comes crashing down. I learned how to cope with sleep deprivation, learned how to find just the right position to nap in a moving truck and keep one eye open, how to drive through, around or over whatever mother nature could throw. to live with, see and accept the carnage I witness almost daily on our hi way's. i've been robbed, stabbed twice and shot 3 times in the line of doing my job. ive broken just about every bone, slipped on ice in new jersey and broke my foot in 17 places and still drove my truck back to portland oregon, and oh yea, delivered my load in bellingham washington, loaded 40lb bushel baskets 1200 of them by my self with a broken collar bone and a fractured shoulder. I have never missed a delivery or appointment ever.

    I am an american trucker and proud of it... to be one you have to earn it...
    don't expect thanks or pats on the back cause it aint gonna happen

  • Di
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    My son is 22 and want to enter the business. He is well built and strong and feel he up to the job. Any recommendations?


  • Je
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hmmm..Alot has been said about being a truck driver and I sure do hope what I have to make this job change work for me. I know I can physically do the job and I hope that I am prepared mentally for the stress that will come with it. I have my CDL-A and I am proud that I got it. I was so nervous at the road test that I kept freezing up all the time. All the instructors at my school (Sage) knew I could do it ...I guess I just had to understand that I knew I could do it too.

  • Tr
      1st of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    There is no committment by these lead drivers at all. there should be, if the trainee is doing the job well and learning. Just a warning to potential students going to CRST, do not let any trainer use or borrow any of your money. they will dump you and never pay you back. i got fired for minor downshifting errors. don't expect these trainers to teach you how to drive either, they are not good teachers of it, and hopefully you know how to drive before you work for them, if not, be prepared to be treated like an idiot. They barely know how to teach you how to do the job which is what they are supposed to teach you.

  • Ne
      26th of Oct, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I received my CDL by using someone's truck. I don't know how to shift, I have but cordnation is a lil off but i'm sure i'll get it at some point. What I wana know is, do anyone know how I can get in the industry w/o getting with a company where I HAVE... 2know how to shift? For right now, I want to drive then learn to shift.
    Thank You,
    Tx Female ready 4 the road.

  • Bi
      28th of Oct, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Does anyone have a number where an employee can be tracked down?
    My tenants husband went to training for this co. and really has never been heard from hardly again. And his wife and child are about to be evicted from the home they rent.
    The wife sounds like she is falling apart from all of this and the nighbors are about to call DEFAX about the child. So sad. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Co
      6th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    i work 4 crst now iv been drivin 4 29 years this is buy far the worst company iv every worked 4. they steal apoxx 20, ooo dollars a day in per deim that most drivers dont even want an r forced 2 take they also make apoxx 1.5 millon a week from the goverment 4 hiring students they have no trucks nor trainers 4 most students they put threw their school get less then 7 hours behind the wheel b4 they go on the road and now their letting drivers with 6 months exp train crst dont realise whats goin 2 happen when when they put 2 inexperienced driver in a unit loaded with 46000 lbs in the middle of a snow storm goin down a big mountain like pipestone, their chances r not good to make it down that mountain alive ! the fmcsa and osha need to step up and the goverment needs 2 put a limit on the amount of trainees that they can hire and also put a minimum on the trainers experience, like 3 years and 3 winters included in those 3 years . they also lie to the drivers on how much they will make a week and how many miles they would get ! my trainees have told me they were told at least $600 a week and 4500 miles! this company is by far the greediest that i have worked for!
    and the truck would get minimum of 4500 miles a week not even true, most of my trainees have been in the hole! the most my trainees have made on a good week has been $250 and the miles were average between 2500 and 4200 miles, and thats on a good week, and the maintenance is deployable !

  • Tr
      7th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Guys... If u have a problem with the company or ur hate ur trainer thatn call ur driver manager and get on a diff truck, if u hate the company than get a request back to the yard turn in ur truck and go to a nother company. REMEMBER U HAVE A CDL can can work for some one else.. also most companies are very simaler. thats truck driving folks! its a differnt kinda life that requires a sertian kinda person to do the job. stop complaining and just to the damn job or find another line of work

  • Ju
      13th of Nov, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Ok.. Here is My Opinion and advice to Gregor, Diane Harvey, lissavaughn, and Big Al in Ga =

    GREGOR = First, I think you were the problem and not CRST or any company you would have went to work for. Now pay is one thing. Get it in writing. But all company websites state their pay anyway, so if you do not receive it - file a complaint with the labor board in writing, that way if and when the company goes and puts a bad write up in your DAC, you can challenge it. But all company's you go to work for, trucking or otherwise, usually takes a while to get the first pay check to you and most hold back the first 2 weeks right off the bat. Then, depending on the company and all new driver's to any company are told this right up front in orientation - any and all money they are going to take out of your first few checks. Either for training, insurance, etc. whatever they want to take out if you agree to work for them. If you did not take notes during orientation, that is your problem if you forgot what was said. Many company's provide written handouts and guess what, most driver's throw them away. DUH. Now I am one of the first to go against any company who fails to hold up their end of the bargain of what I have in writing. Also you basically have to do what your supervisor or trainer tells you to do and you either do it or quit. Again, just like any other job. Truck driving is driving. period. that is what you do day in and day out. It is not being an EMT or Paramedic, etc. where you sit around the station with mostly free time to do what you want and wait for a call to come in. There is no kitchen to cook in or a barracks or sleep area that is comfortable and sound proof. I was a police officer so I know how easy you had it on that job compared to a truck driving job. Same with being a cop, ride around, stop and eat where ever and whenever you want and stop and bs with people you know - basically stay in your assigned areas, be on patrol and wait for a catastrophe to happen. Except being a cop is a heck of a lot more dangerous with being shot at, trying to be stabbed, etc. and idiot drivers pulling out in front of you, except it is a heck of a lot easier to stop and maneuver a police car. Did you never see the sleep compartment on any tractor driving down the road before you even went to school. And while you were in school didn't you see them. What did you think they were for. They are for sleeping in when you are not driving. DUH. Including the port a potty where you do your thing within 3 feet or less from the other person And if you did not like what you saw, then why did you want to be a truck driver. DUH. Be thankful you did not have a trainer or partner who passed gas or belched all the time. And every school by Federal Law has to teach about HOS (hours of service). Where were you when this was being taught? And it is a Federal Law that EVERY Company provide each driver with their very own copy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook. That is why there is a Driver's Receipt you must sign on Page 1 and a company supervisor must sign and place in your driver's qualification file. What do you think that book is for.. a paperweight. Part 395 Hours Of Service of Drivers explains all the laws of driving hours. Every driver, by Federal Law, is required to be familiar with this FMC pocketbook, you signed a statement saying you would be. Do you know how stupid you sound saying you were required to drive 11 hours a day. That is your job, the job you choose. Every company is going to get as many hours drive time from each driver they can do legally. You khow many driver's out there would be loving to get 11 hours a day drive time and here you are complaining about it. Believe me, all real professional trucker drivers are also happy you had another job to fall back on and left the industry.. and the general public should be thankful also, but like you, they do not have a clue what it is to be a professional truck driver. Heaven forbid a company will even hire a EMT or Paramedic who can not read and understand that out of 24 hours the drive time means driving for that period of time and sleeping means sleeping for that many hours at a time. Period. Well maybe that is why you were no longer a EMT also If you drove tired you should have been fired on the spot. But of course your trainer was - where - sleeping because that is what he was suppose to be doing. You idiot, you could have killed him and others and yourself for driving tired. No company will force you to driver tried, it is against Federal Law. If you have dispatcher who is pressuring you or any other company person, then stop at the nearest weigh station and file a Federal Report against them. Then pull into that same weigh station parking area and sleep for a few hours. You have written proof you were there. But always call in that you had to pull over and sleep due to being fatigued and tell the company person you are at such and such weigh station, that will stop it right then and there. Trainer or partner it does not matter. If you are fatigued, you do not drive. There are two bunks there isn't there. Then use yours. Just make sure you log your hours correctly. Even if a company uses electronic logging... buy your own books and log your time. One more thing. Where did you think you were going to sleep if you are a team truck driver.? DUH. You have to sleep in the truck and of course it is going to be moving - because you are a truck driver driving with a trainer or a team partner.

    This is what I have against Truck Training company's who just accept money from anyone who can pay or from the government or military paying for people to go there. They are only in it for the money. Of course they are going to pass you. They got their money and want no complaints filed against them for failing you. Too many failures and they do not get government or state funding. DUH. I went to a Training school the same way. Other men in my class were on disability from the military for bad knees and bad backs and on all kinds of medicine for pain, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, etc.. No one with R or A is allowed to be a truck driver by Federal Law. These people will be weeded out during the physical with any company they try to go to. It all shows up in the urine test of what medication people are on. These types get into Training school because the military doctors or private doctors they go to just pass them on the DOT physical, which is illegal, but no one does anything about it. These guys could barely get in and out of the tractors and walk and stand up. But the Training company took their money. The student and driver is responsible for reading the DOT physical form, not the Training company.

    DIANE HARVEY = your son will not make it in truck driving. He is 22 and you are writing in for him. What a mommy's boy if he knew about it and if he didn't - cut the apron strings mom and stay out of your son's business. If he is not man enough to find a job on his own, he will never make it as a truck driver. He won't have mommy with him to do everything for him.

    LISSAVAUGHN = 4 kids at home and a wife. I am afraid you are being lied to and played by a man who left you. A lot of men and women get jobs like OTR truck drivers to get away from their spouses and kids or anyone they are living with or know and want to leave. Always has been like that. Also, did you ever think he might be shacking up with his trainer. I know of no trucker going to stay home for weeks at a time. They are in the business to make money. Especially owner operators. And no company will allow it even owner operators because they have a contract with that company. Unless the company has no business, then any driver can sign up to stay off work until called. And your husband is telling you the trainer leaves their phone shut off. OMG and you believe that. No one I knows leaves their cell phone off unless they are sleeping. Now if you really know your husband and so does others and he is a faithful and truthful man and you believe he got a bad trainer. Than tell him to man up and demand a new trainer. Every company out there will allow you to change trainers and team partners. "in Atlanta locked up in a yard where he is about of gas, has no way to get to food and drinks and such." Is your husband that dumb. I mean does he have a cell phone. Then he should be calling the police to get him out of there. It is against the law to leave anyone locked up in a yard; unless they want to be there. Now if he has no money to buy food then that is one thing; but tell him to call and order a pizza and have it delivered. They can throw it over the fence. But another thing... most training schools and company's tell their driver's to always have enough food and water on hand to be able to stay with that tractor for a week, in case you get snowed in or break down out in the boonies. I have common sense and even carried water and dry cereal with me in my personal vehicle (POV) right out of high school. But even in Training, everyone in the class was told to; and we were shown videos on it also, to carry enough water for a week and 24 energy bars to save space. Water takes up space; but always carry an extra 5 gal container with you. There is enough room for each person to have an extra 5 gal container. I know by now you found out the real problem. But you should have been on the phone calling the Atlanta Police Department and tell them your husband is locked in a yard and where. If your husband did not tell you where he was - guess what, he did not want you to know where he was. Call the Company and tell them your husband is missing and you want him contacted and for him to call home.

    BIG AL IN GA = hey guy, seems like you are trying to do the right thing as a neighbor and help out. Read above paragraph. Sounds like this guy took off and left his wife and kid. And what is with you people not calling the Police Department. Sure, for adults you have to wait longer to file a missing persons complaint but no longer than a week at most. These men are not calling home or coming home for a reason. Especially if he left not telling her the company he was going to work for. Plus, guess what, a driver can demand that their whereabouts be kept private from anyone expect law enforcement and government agencies looking for them. They can leave next of kin blank or put none if they want no one contacted. I know drivers (male and female) who have told the company that they are not to give out any information on them to anyone and the company is not allowed to do so unless they are killed, then the next of kin must be notified.

    NOW IN ADDITION TO ABOVE = I am irritated off (nice way of saying it) at these trucking company's for hiring such idiots and knowing they are out on the roads. It is males and females like the

    New Lady Trucker, which has to be a prank write in to start with, because if you can not shift gears you are not even a driver let along a truck driver. People like this are the ones causing all the deaths and accidents on the roads, along with the vehicle drivers who are not in tractor trailers. Your relative or loved one got hit by a tractor trailer and either maimed for life or killed but you do not tell everyone that they caused the accident by pulling out in front of them or some other stupid driving maneuver. Now for all of those who lost relatives and or loved ones in accidents where it was not their fault - I send my condolences. But as a police officer, you learn really quick that you just hope that if anyone is dead or dies it is the ones who caused the accident and not the innocent drivers or passengers.

  • Ji
      14th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    it's not the company but the recruiters ( used car salemen ) i was told i would get $440 per week for miles driven, i made $45 the first week.. You cant live on that can you ? NO..
    So keep the applications going to other companys and see what happens...Good luck

  • Ro
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    December 1st CRST had a recruiter show up in San Pedro to do some hireing. I drove a friend there and decited to apply myself seeing as though the add in the Press Telegram mentioned "No experience nessesary. Will Train"
    I filled out the app and was the first to be interviewed.
    Now before I go further I have been doing estate sales for the past 4 years with my new wife after I injured my wrist doing concrete work. So durring the interview The guy (Stan Ferdyn) says to me "Well Robert Im sorry but I cant hire you because you dont have any job ref. from the past 3 years" Nothing was stated in the add that this was a requirement. Yet I was quickly turned away for this reason. I have worked for a steel company loading 40ft flatbeads with steel (20-30 trucks a night) then parking them sometimes backing them up on the blindside. Worke there for a year then became a supervisor.
    In my opinion, They lost a great worker not hiring me.

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