CrossmarkSandy Johnston

P Aug 31, 2017

Worked for Crossmark 3 yrs no problem, then we have a new supervisor and it's all over, Sandy has harassed me from day one even though all work was never late? she just don't like me, her and her favorites have set me up and lied about me to take over territory's
I have a lady emailing me supposably from employee relations that neither supervisor has heard of Rhonda Simpson and they changed managers again this week. So Rhonda tells me my new supervisor is trying to get a hold of me, my new super said she wasn't trying to get a hold of me? A big run around, they work like a bunch of rogue cops when 1 don't like you it's all over. God forbid free speech and standing up for yourself you will only get 1 ticket to This Company a Joke.

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