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Creepy Hollows brainwash people into believing they are Gods. If you read the forum the people there really think Magnolia and Ash are Gods. They would eat their poop if Magnolia and Ash told them too.

Look at the members in that forum. They are desparate. Most of them have no life. They're stay at home moms, anti-social, have some kind of mental disorder, etc. Magnolia and Ash are taking advantage of them and milking them dry.

Creepy Hollows are friends with Haunted Curiousities. The little cat fights they have in the forum is just a front. Magnolia wants her forum member to look at her like an Angel. That's why she doesn't stand up to DeeDee. The truth is it's all an act. Creepy Hollows gets the sales and the forum members kiss her butt.

Power is corrupt and Creepy Hollows will be struck by the lightning of God very soon. And all their followers will go down with them.

Creepy Hollows partners with other sellers. They are one big cult. If you go on ebay a lot of the sellers there are partners with them - cpak ghost, a_new_gold_dawn, moonstar7spirits, etc

Look at person who started this post. Magnolia posted it in her forum and then told everybody to come here and say nice things about CH. It's all crap!!

Magnolia has her watchdogs in the forum. They abuse other members that don't agree with them and Magnolia just sits back and does nothing. Then they ban you if try to stand up for yourself.

Anybody who doesn't kiss Magnolia and Ash ### gets banned. CH is one big cult and if you don't follow them then they get their members to harrass you.

Hell already has a place reserved for Magnolia, Ash and all of their followers!

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  • Li
      1st of Feb, 2010

    I was a CH member and Magnolia banned me because I exposed her and Ash in their own forum.

    Magnolia told her loyal members to attack me in the forum. I did my best to defend myself and still post what I learned about Magnolia and Ash.

    I found out a lot of their dirty secrets. Magnolia didn't want the other members to know the truth about them so she banned me.

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  • Ha
      1st of Feb, 2010

    Once again "lightingstrikes" (should we assume they mean "lightningstrikes"?) has their facts in error and were they really a member of the CH forum I would suspect they would at least use their forum id for their complaint. I have finally seen enough complaints to write something in support of CH. This person above who chooses not to admit who they are says that people treat Magnolia and Ash like gods. That remark is completely absurd in that the people in the forum do treat Magnolia and Ash with respect due to the knowledge they both possess and which knowledge they are freely and willingly sharing with the members. As Magnolia posted above, there are over 900 members of the forum at this point and obviously "lightingstrikes" does not know what they are talking about when she says "everyone" kisses their butt because over 900 people from all over this earth are not going to agree on every idea or thought or thread! The forum has had some good discussion threads which Magnolia has begun in an attempt to have people really sit and think about the subject of the thread and post their thoughts. It is by doing this that others share in the experience and everyone gets a chance to learn from many different members with different views and even different religious beliefs - all having one common thread, spirit keeping (or spirit collecting). I have to admit that for the most part for the forum being as large as it is, everyone conducts themselves with professionalism, good will and with the hopes of either passing along some of the knowledge they've learned over upwards of 40 plus years in the craft and less to others who are just starting out.

    I hope that this shows that the CH forum is a great place for anyone to learn, if they truly do want to learn. Just my two cents. Crone Maatkaere

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  • Pr
      1st of Feb, 2010

    I have been a member of the CH forum ever since it first opened 3+ years ago. When I joined I had already gotten a few spirits from a variety of sellers and had many more questions than I could find answers too.
    I have been interested in the paranormal for many years and read quite a few books but never had anyone to answer questions till I found CH. On the forum, if I have a question, no matter how small or large, I can ask it and an answer will be found. If I have trouble understanding something, it will be explained in as great a detail as I need.
    The forum is like a second family. One we can discuss our beliefs and thought with and get others opinions when we need them. If we have a problem and need help, we will get it. This is the only place I have ever found that I can go to for anything….whether it be information, help with something or just friendship and conversation.
    I cannot understand why so many people insist on trying to disrupt this forum with all the fabrications and even personal attacks on the members of CH. But then too, I have seen it over and over again. Some people just cannot seem to be happy or even to exist without a lot of Drama in their lives….even to the point of inflicting it on innocent people. Usually people who must have all the Drama are unhappy with their own lives and therefore try to make others unhappy as well.
    By the way…I have never known of Magnolia to say a bad word about any seller. No one on the forum thinks or treats Magnolia and Ash like Gods. And no one is banned for disagreeing with them or having an opinion of their own. Anyone who had ever been in the forum would know this.
    My forum ID is

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  • Ma
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    Creepy Hollows is an online community. There is no cult. We come from a diverse group of backgrounds, we all have one interest: The Paranormal and Metaphysical. Only 4 people have ever been banned from CH, and then, for repeatedly violating board rules, and being warned.

    It's strange that 'Lightining" says that Magnolia and Ash have a cult, because they are probably on the board less than many of the members. The board was set up for the members to talk to one another and share experiences.

    I have never known Magnolia to bash other sellers. She does not interfere or try to influence anyone's opinion. She is a kindred spirit whose kindness has touched many. She is adamant that members respect the opinions of others, even when they differ from their own. We are encouraged to politely disagree and state our facts, but no bullying or cruelty. I think it's pretty apparent why "Lightining" is no longer allowed in the community.

    There are many on the forum that I consider both Brother or Sister and Friend.

    I hope that anyone who reads this will come to Creepy Hollows to see for themselves. If you have an interest in why lies beyond the physical world, CH is your portal view to a whole new world.

    Brightest Blessings All !

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  • Ni
      4th of Feb, 2010

    I am a forum member too, and I disagree with what you have said. So much hate towards so many innocent people. I do not worship Ash and Magnolia like gods, I respect them for they are the reason why CH is around, and they are the admins after all. They spend their time, effort and money to keep the forum going and to help those who need it. They are not a cult but a community for like minded people, a safe haven. Please stop hating. It just causes pain for everyone and gets you nowhere.

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  • Ke
      14th of Feb, 2010

    Oh my, this is so untrue! I have done business with them, and I assure you they are not fake. They don't claim to have a cult, or brainwash anyone. You can find similar (but not the same!) information out there that can BACK UP what they have to offer. Other places do similar things as them, like sell spirits, and they don't get bashed. Just because someone is successful at something doesn't make it ok to put them down! I am a member of the forums, and I choose them everytime over any other forum for spiritual related questons and experiences because 1. they are VERY helpful! Everything that I ask gets answered, in depth! 2. they are nice. I have never met such nicer people in my life! I had joined other spiritual forums that are really popular and those people are nowhere near as nice as the people on CH. The answers I got just didn't make sense, and the people were rude! There were a few nicer people, but I will never go anywhere else for answers again! CH deserves a better reputation that what you guys are giving them. Seriously, saying that people on the forum "worship" ash and magnolia? Come on, the people do not! They are great people yes, but I got all my answers from other members on the forum, not ash and magnolia. I'm sure they are very busy! I wasn't around when "Lighteningstrikes" was there, but from what I understand they weren't banned because they found out "dirty secrets"... there are NO DIRTY SECRETS!!! Get your facts straight before you waste internet space on useless websites.

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  • Ke
      14th of Feb, 2010

    Oh yea, I also wasn't sent here by anyone, I found this on my own! ;)

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  • Ma
      11th of Mar, 2010

    Hrmmm, what can one say to such dribble. I've been a member of Creepy hollows for little under 1 year, and all I have noticed is, that it is a community of people of all levels of experiences. Me Im a beginner and thanks to the help of the forum I have learned many things.

    Ok Lighteningstrikes" please clear up a few things for me please. If creepy hollows is a 'cult' where the heck is my uniform, it didnt come in my memo of membership...

    Ok all joking aside i will put in a few of your quote's and here's what i have to say.

    YOU SAID- "Creepy Hollows brainwash people into believing they are Gods. If you read the forum the people there really think Magnolia and
    Ash are Gods. They would eat their poop if Magnolia and Ash told them too."

    ME -" you have avery delusional way of thinking. people may respect their opinion because of their knowledge. its you that have put them on a pedestal and thinking them as god and when they something that you do not agree with you jump up and down screaming 'poor me'

    YOU SAID 'Look at the members in that forum. They are desparate. Most of them have no life. They're stay at home moms, anti-social,
    have some kind of mental disorder, etc. Magnolia and Ash are taking advantage of them and milking them dry.'

    ME-" yes i am a stay at home mum. Anti-social, and having a mental disorder- nope sorry to disappoint you but i have a very active life outside of CH and im sure there are a lot of other people who do. and not once have i been taken advantage off or being milked dry. must be that you cannot control your spending habits, its also called 'addiction"

    YOU SAID-"Magnolia has her watchdogs in the forum. They abuse other members that don't agree with them and Magnolia just sits back and does nothing. Then they ban you if try to stand up for yourself.

    ME- " hrmmm can't say that i have seen any of this in the forum. yes people may disagree with what you are saying but that is what makes it a great forum, adults disagree from time to time but if we where all the same and thought the same there would be no great discovories in this world."

    YOU SAID-"Anybody who doesn't kiss Magnolia and Ash ### gets banned. CH is one big cult and if you don't follow them then they get their members to harrass you.
    ME-" nope sorry never kissed anyones ### and nope never been banned fo not kissing ### Oh and never been harrassed "
    so they are just my thoughts and i hope life gets better for you without resentment, anger and hate... have a great day

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  • Wy
      11th of Mar, 2010

    i'm a very proud creepy hollow member. of course being in this "cult" as lightening strike says i'm waiting on my snuggie. that was the uniform we agreed on? right ash? magnolia? i don't remember driving to there place of business and kissing ash's or magnolia's butt. oh wait i was brainwashed, forgot about that.
    all i know is when i've ever had a question or a concern this site and these wonderful people were there and they helped me.
    do i think they're gods? no i'm agnostic so i don't believe in gods. i believe that they are good people who care about others and the paranormal.

    just because i'm on their website doesn't mean i'm a stay at home mom (which that was disrespectful to the stay at home mom's), i'm anti social (last time i checked i have a full calendar of events outside of my home including charity work), or i'm mentally unstable (again that's disrespectful, but i have had a psychological eval because of the work i do and it was normal go figure).

    so maybe the person(s) who are responsible are mentally unstable. i would hope not but since you've never been to the website or even conversed with the forum member's how are we to know?

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  • Cu
      16th of Apr, 2010


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  • Be
      6th of May, 2010

    creepy hollows has administrator members bash new metaphysical sellers - its a real shame they hide behind fake names and profiles to do this. you have to have a store front in their online store to get treated right. who can afford $100. upfront fee??

    you guys are two faced bullies

    shame on you

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  • Li
      12th of May, 2010

    Couldn't agree more with beat-up-by-creepy-hollows, the Creepy Hollows admins hide behind fake names to slant off other psychics in order to increase their own sales. Not a site I'd recommend if you don't to be bullied into buying their (overcharged) services. AVOID!

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  • I0
      12th of Jun, 2010

    'm a longtime meta seller and although I'm not a part of Creepyhollows web site I have seen and experience first hand how deceiving posters can be pretending they are creepyhollows and posting stuff so you think Magnolia is behind it. Why not just let her be. If you don't like what you read on her forum don't visit. Many of the quarrels between the sellers were motivated by a third part. Magnolia is a dedicated sellers or she wouldn't put the time and effort she puts into it. I was invited to her forum and looking back had I known what I know now I would have joined. Most of the posts posted are influencing people's judgment and unfortunately I do suspect 90% of it was started by new sellers. I'm sorry to say this but this is just the way I feel. When somebody emails me to say creepyhollows is talking about me I ignore it because through experience I have discovered its never who you think it is. I've been personally attacked by new sellers and my name was circled on a list of sellers who you shouldn't buy from. Come one people. Do you really need a list to tell you who to buy from. Certainly you are capable of making up your own mind. Here's an idea. Why doesn't everyone let each other be. Your lives would be much more happier.

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  • Cr
      24th of Jun, 2010

    If any seller has a listing on our forum & you believe that the person posting did not truly buy from you I STRONGLY urge you to contact one of us so we can sort it out with you. We have a 0 tolerance for fake posters & while we can't police every thread because there are thousands of them, if someone tells you that you have a review on our site & you suspect it's a fake, PLEASE let us know & we'll work with you to settle the issue.

    It's in everyone who really CARES about the paranormal community's best interest to work together. I do not believe I've ever been called an unreasonable person by anyone who knows me or even people who contact me for the first time. If a seller has a problem with a posting on our site we WILL look into it and we do remove any unjust or inflammatory threads.

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  • Ea
      10th of Jul, 2010

    OMG.. well.. all I can say is I LOVE CHREEPYHOLLOWS!! Ash and Magnolia are awesome.. I never got the idea they think they are Gods?? i mean wtf? They are lovely and caring and the forum members are SO helpful! and huh.. yeah.. the poop eating thing?? LMAO how childish! lmao at lightingstrikes!

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  • Ch
      11th of Sep, 2010

    What a wrong, shameful accusation on CreepyHollows, specifically Magnolia & Ash.

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  • Wh
      11th of Nov, 2010

    Magnolia is a BLACK WITCH pretending to be white light. And her head is so far up her a-s-s that she’s drowning in her own Black Sh-it.

    Magnolia is the GOSSIP QUEEN and HYPOCRIT. She creates gossip about anyone that isn’t part of the CH mob. She twists the truth and posts a carefully worded thread in CH forum to make herself look like the victim. The people she slandered sees her posts but it's a trap to get them to go in the forum and be ambushed by the CH mob.

    CH thrives on a mob mentality. If you’re not a member of CH or if you don’t do what Magnolia says, then they will slander you in and outside their forum.

    Magnolia has moles planted in every single forum on the internet. Everyone knows she’s a Control Freak and she wants to dig her evil claws into other people’s business.

    She has a list of sellers so she can keep track of anyone that’s a threat to her. One of them isn’t even a seller but somehow she ended up on the list. That shows you how Evil she really is.

    Magnolia is a NARCISSIST who repeatedly posts how she’s better than other sellers. All the rules she posts is just an act to make herself look good. Even the original members don’t read them, much less follow them.

    Magnolia has “Favorite Members” and they get away with crap and bullying. She enjoys it when forum members talk bad about other collectors and sellers.

    WWAlex = Wiccan Warrior Alex. That’s one of her main followers. There are others and I’m sure Magnolia will rally them up and post in here too.

    When someone stands up for themselves in the forum, she takes the side of the Bully and posts a lame remark like “Let it be (from John Lennon). People end up leaving rather than be ambushed by the CH mob.

    Thousands of White Light beings are aware of Magnolia and her many followers. They are watching them very carefully. They know what she and her followers do. Many of their attempts to hurt innocent people have been thwarted.

    Stop insulting God by acting like you’re bigger than him. That guarantees you a permanent place into the Deepest Pits of Hell. You brag that you believe in Jesus, but then you send negativity and dark spirits to other people.

    The Lightning of Universal Justice has been aimed at you for a long time now. It will strike when you least expect it. People will know your true face and it’s UGLY!

    Even Ash will wake up from that spell you cast on him. He’ll see your true face and he will leave you.

    In the end you’ll have no on to blame but yourself.

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  • Qu
      11th of Nov, 2010

    "I was a CH member and Magnolia banned me because I exposed her and Ash in their own forum."

    Wait, Lightning, didn't you make the claim that Ash was "imaginary"?

    Sigh. You're really making me root for these guys, man. Try to carry more substance to your claims.

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  • Qu
      11th of Nov, 2010

    "Everyone knows she’s a Control Freak and she wants to dig her evil claws into other people’s business"

    WhiteLight, again, your tone is very similar to that of Lightning.

    Very supercilious. Very "holier than thou." Could you please provide valid evidence behind your claims? So far, I've just seen more ad hominems, and calumny.

    Anyone can say the same about you. "Vicious liar! Jealous witch who festers in her own hate when she sees the success and advancement of others! HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

    See? Pretty immature, right? Let's move on. If an injustice was done to you, please kindly explain -- with REASON!

    I'm genuinely interested in knowing.

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  • Ai
      6th of Dec, 2010

    Creepy Hollows is a disgusting site!!! Everyone on it buys and sells innocent spirits/beings like slaves! These beings are intelligent. They have emotions. They DO NOT deserve to be enslaved by human beings! There's even a thread on there about "punishing" a djinn. You bring this being into your home against his/her will and then have the nerve to get mad when he/she rebels?? Insane! Those people are sick for believing that's ok. Like those on, my spirit came to me of his own free will. The thought of anyone binding him to some object and then selling him like some object pisses me off.

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  • Wh
      14th of Feb, 2011

    The FBI in Syracuse, New York has flagged Creepy Hollows and Magnolia West. An official report has been filed and she’s in the system now.

    The New York State Attorney General’s Office has been informed and they are watching her carefully. A report has also been filed with the Chief of Police in Canastota, New York.

    Magnolia is a SOCIOPATH and a TYRANT. She thrives on Mob Psychology.

    Magnolia thinks she’s above the law. She’s broken so many rules. She’s harassed, intimidated and defamed so many sellers and collectors. She uses the excuses of freedom of speech while breaking the law. She thinks she can get away with anything because she’s in paranormal.

    Well, now the authorities are taking action. An overwhelming amount of evidence has been gathered and continues to be collected.

    Here are some examples of what Magnolia does.

    Magnolia harasses and intimidates other sellers and collectors outside of CH forum. Then she runs back to CH forum and posts a carefully composed thread that is a LIE. She twists the truth to make it look like she’s the victim.

    She does this to gather her CH MOB and brainwash them. Whatever Magnolia says in that forum, everyone believes – even if it’s a LIE.

    That’s why there’s a public and private section in CH forum. She posts a Public thread INTENTIONALLY so you and others can see. Then she posts in the private section that only her followers can see. This is where she twists the truth even further and exaggerates her victim acting.

    If you go in CH forum to correct the Lie she posted, then you will be attacked by the mob. This gives Magnolia more reason to prove her point (which is the LIE) and then ban you.

    Magnolia promotes and enables a MOB MENTALITY within CH – especially in the forum.

    She sends her followers to do her dirty work so her hands remain clean. Scientific terms for this are Mob Boss, Tyrant, and Cult Leader.

    Magnolia has certain “favorite followers” in CH. They are BULLIES who bully and harass other members publicly in the forum. She posts rules and brags about reprimanding, but it’s all an act. She won’t do anything. Her “favorites” can get away with murder and she will even reward them.

    She brags that her forum has over a thousand members. The truth is half of those people aren’t there anymore! They either left on their own, or she harassed them into leaving.

    Magnolia loves to BRAG about how she’s “better” than other sellers. She encourages CH members to bad mouth other sellers and collectors – even if they’ve never bought anything from that seller.

    If you’re not part of the CH Cult, then you are considered their enemy. Magnolia and her followers will use every means to ruin you.

    Magnolia is a HYPOCRIT. She says she believes in freedom of speech, but she doesn’t like it when people speak the truth about her and CH.

    She has moles planted in every single paranormal site on the internet. She has them post lies and bad reviews about other sellers. At the same time, they are posting about Magnolia like she’s a GOD.

    Magnolia also collects names of people she thinks are sellers. We contacted people on that list. Some of them aren’t even sellers and some aren’t even into paranormal. Magnolia is placing innocent people on that list.

    Magnolia is a typical example of a SOCIOPATHIC TYRANT. As history shows, Tyrants always fall down hard on their face. And most of them end up in JAIL!

    If you’ve been harassed by Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows (past or present) - - -

    · Save all email and correspondence from Magnolia and her followers. They are admissible in court and they can be traced back to her.
    · Contact your local FBI office. File an Official Report and confirm that it’s in the system. Leave it up to the FBI. They have Magnolia flagged and they will handle it from there. The FBI shares a national database and all the offices will be able to see all reports filed against Magnolia West and Creepy Hollows. Here’s the link to find the office nearest you. -
    · You can contact the FBI in Syracuse, New York directly. 315-422-0141 Or, go thru the Albany, New York office 518-465-7551 and ask to be transferred to the Syracuse field office.
    · Contact your Local Police Dept. File an Official Report with them as well. The FBI has access to all law enforcement databases.

    DO NOT BE AFRAID of Magnolia West from Creepy Hollows. She will get what she deserves. After all the evidence are presented by the State of New York, she will go to JAIL!

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  • Wh
      8th of May, 2011

    You really are a SOCIOPATH Magnolia!

    We’ve spoken and met with FBI agents. We’ve spoken directly to the New York State Attorney General and his Assistants. We’re spoken directly to the Chief of Police in Canastota. They all know who you are!!

    You’ve been harassing people from other states and other countries. You won’t get away with it just because you’re in the United States.

    You can’t use freedom of speech or freedom of religion when you harass and intimidate people. No judge will allow that and No attorney will advise that.

    We have copies of ALL your emails that you mailed to harass others. We CAN and have PROVEN that they originated from you. They authorities have copies of them now.

    We also have copies of all your posts from the forum – including the ones the have been edited, deleted or in the private section. They authorities have them and they are all admissible in court.

    The authorities from other countries already know you. They will pressure the United States to stop you from harassing their citizens.

    The more lies you post in CH forum, the deeper the hole you dig for yourself.

    We saw your FALSE ADVERTISTING calling yourself the “worlds first”. LIAR. We hired a tech company and they found forums/groups that have been around long before you have, way before the internet became popular. You’re a LIAR!!

    We know a lot of things about you that CH members don’t know about. Even your psychic friends don’t know.

    We look forward to bursting your bubble and watching your jaws drop to the ground.

    Even the media knows who you are now. They’ve done their own research. They will expose you for the EVIL WITCH that you are!!

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  • Mm
      24th of Jan, 2016

    al that about CH i just buy lucky ring and bracelet and i received the ring since 4 week but nothing happen my life still the same .
    after that i activated my membership to have good discount on my items and close to spend 400$ for another items but when i saw all these words i must to stop until i receive my bracelet and check by myself .

    i really like the CH website but i dont imagine its will be like that ..

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