CRA / Harassment at work

They continually call my work & get different extensions are rude to my co-workers & me. They will not tell you the name of their company except 'CRA'. When you ask what their name stands for they become verbally abusive. I called back & asked for a rep Alexis at her extension & a guy refused to transfer me then started screaming at me to give him my phone number. I refused & he became quite abusive & I hung up. This people should be fined & made to stop being abusive to people. I have been reading horror stories about them from other people on the internet. My debt was from 15 years ago for a very small amount of debt that got written off when I was a lot younger. I have immaculate credit now. I know it is illegal to call someone at their job but they will not quit. Help?? How do I get them to stop. Thanks!

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