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C.R. England / threatened job, liars

1 Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Cr england lied to my husband from the get go with pay information. He completed school. He is now at his 5.5 month. He is a trainer (without trainer pay). They gave him his second "student" but his pay won't be in affect until next month!! But this student (God bless him, because he can not help it) cr england is wrong for this. As soon as my husband met him he had hygiene issues, he let cr england know, they said "you will just need to remind him to shower" that's bull crap. Our kids are home. Remind you he is not even getting trainer pay. This student is supposed to be 6 months experience. He couldn't keep truck in lane, in the rain "going down the road like a snake", wouldn't keep two hands on wheel, saw a minimum speed sign and dropped speed down to 40. Really??? That's a common road sign. My husband asked him where he went to school, he named 3 states, my husband was like, "no, did you go to cr england school", the student replied "I just passed" really??? The student obviously at this point, not mentally capable of training. He can't hold truck in lane, when getting on expressway was trying to use jake brake. Really?? And he is suppose to be 6 months experience?? My husband called all departments in the company and told them situation, they tell him "we are not setting you up", who said that?? Ok now they tell him if he doesn't keep him on the truck for 40 hours, he won't be able to be a trainer. That's not fair when this man is mentally incapable of training!!! He can't hold truck in lane. Doesn't listen or even comprehend simple road signs and direction. Then my husband said just forget it it I quit, company tells him well if you abandon load, we will put in doc report and you won't be able to get another job! Wow. So that's what they meant "we're not setting you up". Ok now it's dark and raining, he is swerving out of control my husband called after hours and gave brief explanation of what was going on and after hours (Thank god) found the nearest trick stop for them to get off. Then they wanna tell him that he had to give up load and figure out what the student was going to do
Not my husband responsibility, but they are messing with his money like always. Be aware of the lies of this company. We are struggling to keep our home. They lied about pay from day one!!! Be safe.

May 13, 2017

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