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Cox Communications / above the law

1 RI, United States Review updated:

The following is an excerpt taken from my conversations w/cox communications and their prime customer/supporter the RI Public Utility Commission.

Me:Hi. I am calling about a couple of issues. How come every few months my bill keeps getting a few dollars higher even tho I made no changes?

Cox: After reviewing your account, you are correct that no changes have been made. We are not raising the prices every few months. However, the PUC gave us permission to raise the costs every august.

Me: I have my bills for an entire year in front of me now and I see raises more often than once a year, in fact it is a 3-4 times a year, it is almost every 3 months.

Cox: Perhaps the phone usage. At times you exceeded the limits of usage and hence extra charges for the phone and perhaps you made long distance calls.

Me: Look, we have cel phones that we use for our long distance calls. So don't go there, as I have said I have all my bills in front of me. So are you suggesting that my bill that I get in the mail is different from your records?

Cox: Send all copies of every bill you have and we will investigate.

Me: You are attempting to stonewall me. Nevertheless my second issue is that I want to downgrade some of my services. I want to downgrade to basic basic, turn in my 2 cable boxes too.

Cox: I can do that for you. However you will be required to pay 180. early termination fee as stated in your contract.

Me: Contract? What contract? I didnt sign any contract or have any knowledge of it. No one told me about any contract.

Cox: When you added anything you were entered into contract and was informed of this at the time.

Me: Well, let me ask you, since I have been with all the same services, no upgrades or downgrades, for over 15 years and have never called you to make any changes, how did you enter me into any contract? So let me get this straight, you enetered people into contracts w/out calling or mailing your intentions to the customer? You did so w/out providing the customer the opportunity to decline the contract and/or opt out? Who gave you the right to do this?

Cox: It is our new policy of practices and procedures. It is in our corporate bylaws.

Me: Oh! So it was cox's own laws of practice. Cox gave themselves the right to do whatever they want and whenever they want then?

Cox: Sir, I must go and deal with other customers, goodbye and ty for calling cox your friends in the digital age.

Me: Hello, is this the PUC?

PUC: How can I help you?

Me: I want to make a complaint against cox communications.

PUC: What is your complaint about sir?

Me: Cox entered me into a contract similiar to a cel phone contract that if I try to cancel or downgrade any of my services I must pay an early termination fee.

PUC: I know about that, there is nothing we can do about it.

Me: Also, cox has informed me that the PUC gives them the right to raise the prices every august, yet the proces are raised every 3 months.

PUC: We dont just tell companies they can raise the prices. They petition us to do so. In the case of cox, each year they petition us to raise the charges in accordance to the rising costs of living. In return, we get a percenatge of the increase as allowed by law.

Me: Wait a minute, people on disability income recieved notice that there will be no increase in their checks because, " The economy and costs of living have not changed and will not change for 3 years", so how do you jusitfy saying that they are given the right to raise there charges due to rising costs of living?

PUC: Sir, if you dont like cox's services, I suggest you find another cable company.

Me: You know darn well that there are no other companies allowed in RI, that cox is the sole cable company for this pittance of a state RI. Furthermore, PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION is supposed to be a tool for the public to take their complaints to regarding any service that you regulate. It looks like that the public has no real recourse, that the PUC is really for the businesses. So if I pay some moneyto the PUC, a 100 grand or so, then do I get rules changed and prices dropped?

PUC: We are in charge of regulating businesses in RI that provide electric, heat and telecommunications.

Me: No, you are in charge of taking pay-offs from companies and in return you give them the right to suck the blood out of the consumer! have a good day, ty for wasting my time.

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  • Jo
      25th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have watched channel ten for many years, I have also been a cox customer for years to.PLEASE DO NOT DROP CHANNEL TEN>
    I will have to change my server if you do
    Joan A. McKinnon

  • Jl
      10th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am in Portsmouth and have had the exact same experience. I am looking at a Nov. 2015 bill that was 143+, Jan March bill that hovered at 164+ and the current April bill that is 184+. I have written to now retired OTTIANO about doing something about Cox's fraud and abuse of RI consumers and NOTHING GOT DONE. We rhodies need to fight the apse double talking cox employees / execs. They seem to enjoy needling us when we call, talking us in circles as wereview and try to take down the continuous inching up of their charges, most of which make no sense. They are obviously in the pockets of the powerful assemby do not want to loose their hefty reelection cox coffers. I noticed hundreds of complaints and yet they fell on deaf ears. We Rhodies are powerless in the hands of these slimy law makers. Jeanne in Portsmouth.

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