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Dont know country or city, United States
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Scam from out of country pay 4.95 for cover letter then changed me 24.95 a month for cover letter and 24.95 for resume service which I never used. They say you can opt out on site setting button on website. When you do only option is to upgrade account. They also say they send you emails explaining service and must opt out after 7 days. Searched my emails and the only ones from this company were when I complained on website in contact information then they emailed me. Totally unethical they service may work but why do you need this service monthly if you are an unemployed person. You would just make the cover letter and resume and be done. Just use microsoft software cheaper. This is also a foreign company. If you see a bold bold change on checking account or credit card this is this company. Also they is a.25 foreign transaction fee.

May 13, 2017

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