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Cornerstone America / I was within an hour of getting scammed!

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I was within an Hour of getting scammed, what a waist of my freaking time. I received an E-mail at 9:45 at night, it looked like this…

Stacey Phillips

I have reviewed your resume and feel you have some of the experience or qualities we are looking for. I would like to offer you an opportunity to interview on Tuesday June 17th at 1:00 PM, in our Regional Sales Office located in San Jose.

Please email Sarah to confirm an interview. We currently have two new openings for Sales representatives. Due to scheduling challenges, interviews will be on a first come first serve basis.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Sarah Taylor, Scheduling Coordinator

Deborah Oconnell& Associates

22 Great Oaks Blvd. Suite #260

San Jose, CA 95119




*Immediate Weekly Income Potential

*Six Figure Income

*Bonus Programs and Trips

*Company Sponsored Stock Ownership Program

*World Class, Ongoing Training and Sales Support

*Personal Sales and Leadership Development

*Advancement Opportunities (Management)

*Prestigious Products and Services

*Call on prospects who have requested to see you

*Flexible Work Schedule

*Access to Marketing Materials, Technology and Sales Resources

*Fun and Competitive Work Environment

*Unmatched Personal Satisfaction That Comes With Helping Others

*Strong Leadership and Mentoring for your Personal Success

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I signed up for an Interview time... Thanks to all I have read about these fakes, I WILL NOT GO IN!!! I guess their business is in identity theft not insuring families. I’m so tiered of searching for a job, I feel like I have tried everything to work here in San Jose! This was a waist of my time. If you want a real job don’t sign with this company, just read for yourself…

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  • Ma
      24th of Jun, 2008
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    oh thank you so much for the posting. I got the same e-mail and thought it sounds too good to be true, and glad I google it and found your blog. Then I right away just conclude it as a scam e-mail. thanks again. (

  • Ad
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    thanks for the info, I got same email and am so glad I looked it up as well, so sad that monster (in my case) exposes us to all this junk, maybe i will do it the old way and start knocking on doors asking for opening, very sad considering we are in "silicon valley"

  • Ed
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    Stacey, thank you very much for the post, I received the same email and since I am currently job hunting myself I looked into thier email which is the same as what you have received. I was already thinking of going but was also hesitant since I stay in San Bruno which is more than 40miles aways from San Jose.

    I though it was a legitimate job offer good thing I search the internet and saw your blog.

    For Adis: Is it that difficult now to get a job there at Silicon Valley, I have been seeing offers in Sunnyvale up to San Jose for admin and clerical works, IT related jobs and sales jobs in Yahoo Jobs, Career Builder,, Craigslist, snagAjob etc... you may want to keep on looking. Honestly it is also difficult down here towards San Francisco, I am an IT Technician and a Nursing Assistant and still could get a permanent job.

    You might want to look into internet marketing also on your free time, it is hard work and a lot of studying but could build a good income in the long run ( / I do this on the side while doing IT consulting work and applying for jobs.

  • El
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    Last night I got the same massage in my e-mail. I have put my resume in Craig list. Every one please be cautious of these untrustworthy responses.

    Thanks for the previous comments.

  • Bi
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    I got the same exact message but with my name in it. I never recalled applying for such a position and then I received that email. For some reason it says that it was routed to me through monster... which is basically the only place I'm posting my resume.

    Isn't there any way to stop them?

  • Ce
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    Thanks I had the same e-mail so I search for information about the company thanks God I found your page.

  • Vi
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    I interviewed, and everthing sounded good until I read your comments, oh thank goodness. I wrote a check for $250 to pay them for me to work for them! I just got off the phone with the bank to cancel my check, thanks for the warning.

  • Ha
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    Deborah Oconnell & Associates Complaints - THREAT LEVEL-EXTREMELY SERIOUS: IDENTITY THEFT is the smallest.RACQUETERING- Conspiracy to DEFRAUD.
    Review all Deborah Oconnell & Associates complaints
    Deborah Oconnell & Associates
    Posted: 2008-11-02 by HATE_FRAUDS [send email]

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Deborah Oconnell & Associates
    22 GreatOaks BLVD SUITE # 260
    San Jose, California
    United States
    Phone: San JOSE, CA 95119

    I have heard of two people who WERE BILKED of A LARGE SUM OF MONEY BY THESE people promising services that THAT dont have the wherewithal to OR that OUTRIGHT DONT EXIST.

    There BILK people in instalments-RELYING ON PEOPLE to Throw good money after bad!



    THUS will be potentially class-actionable.

    P.S I am writing this because like others THEY CONTACTEDE TOO. and all that baloney etc.

    ONly that others FELL for it and were BADLY DUPED!

  • Ha
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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  • Le
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree I got that company TODAY

    There are so many companies that are trying to SCAM you!!

    Also, if you get a message from someone who identifies herself as Tiffany Hopper in your city…
    Do not respond and always research online!!

    PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE in this company called “4D Miracles” --- a sonogram company in Fremont, CA?!

    Foolish, I thought that was a good job in the beginning and over a month now while I easily got HIRED and no interview?! Just a phone and address was required to work for them.

    Now, I will not easily give my personal information online. Thanks and this site is amazing.

    I am just a College graduate trying to get a better job in this slow ECONOMY… Will Karma (Websites/Government Law) get these these ### offline!

    *** Thanks and everyone take care***

  • Ma
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I was just about to response to the email regarding a job interview, but could not recall applying for this position. I decided to Google the name and discovery all the complaints and I glad I took the action I did. I didn't waste my time and gas driving to San Jose. If you didn't apply for a position check them out first so you won't become a victim.

  • Ro
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    To stop these emails, do the following. Scroll down to the bottom of the email you received from them, and you will see the option to Block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails. Click on this link if you don't wish to receive any more of these.

  • Gh
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    I disagree with nearly all of the complaints about Cornerstone Marketing... and invested 6 years of my life there, and know the skeletons in the closet as well as the promises which were lived up to.

    The real issue is not the company. It is the simple fact that most people should not be self-employed. They don't have the sales skills, and for the poor fellow who spent two years there and earned an average of $500 / week... you would think that someone of his caliber could figure out that $24, 000 a year just isn't a good income.

    All insurance sales companies require a person to be a) licensed, and b) able to withstand several months without a steady income. If you interviewed properly (i.e. asked intelligent questions), you would quickly realize that cash flow only happens after you sell something.

    No sales = no income.

    I have trained more than 186 people over the years at Cornerstone. Very few of them succeeded (read = make a living), because they "went off message", meaning that they wanted to do it their way. I begged. Pleaded. Nagged and did all the things good managers do... and still lost most of them to sloppy habits, and "I want to do it my way". You can do it your way, but you'll soon hit the highway, because not just the strong survive, but the bruised and experienced survive.

    I developed a following of over 1, 000 clients, never received any complaints from any client, always assisted those who wanted to switch to other carriers. It isn't the best plan on the market, nor were they the worst. If you are very honest with what the plans provide, and sell to those types of coverages best for your client, you won't mislead them or yourself.

    I've actually given some thought to re-joining Cornerstone again. Like all companies, they have good and not-so-good people, but for the most part, they are there to help those who are serious, (and here is where you need to look in the mirror), and those who like sales and want to be good at it, and who take instructions well.

    I averaged about $1, 600 a week in income, went on several world-class trips, but always hated the time from Thanksgiving past New Year's. Why? Who wants to find an insurance card under their tree instead of a present? Nobody. So there are several weeks during the year that you just don't have new clients... the lifeblood of this type of sale.

    If you don't like prospecting, calling for appointments, qualifying the people you serve, then just be honest with yourself and go look for something you are good at. When you work in a retail environment, you may "think" you are selling... and that is a mistake, because your real goal should be to serve the customer.

    Get an hourly job, read some introductory books about sales, and then work into it, rather than dive in unprepared. New kids out of college usually are not successful in this type of field.

    Older and experienced people are not successful at this either, if they do not want to be "self-employed", which brings us back to the start of this long message. Good luck in your career choices, but take responsibility to search out the company, the products, but most importantly, your personal desires and skills.

    Becoming self-employed is usually a very expensive (time & money) process. Have a successful 2009, and remember that the only place SUCCESS precedes WORK... is in the dictionary!

    ~ ghi / AZ

  • Ma
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    I find these sites so amuzing - it should be considered on-line entertainment! The fact of the matter is: go to the Department of Insurance in any state and check up on the insurance companies you are questioning. If the company is as bad as you say, then you have a reason to complain. Otherwise, you are wasting valuable energy and time.

    Outside Sales: All it takes is one unsuccessful individual who cannot sell, is not motivated enough to make calls and set appointments and who needs to blame others for their failures to make ANY company look bad. Unfortunately, we live in the BLAME SOMEONE ELSE SOCIETY.

    It takes time and patience to be a good sales person - and very thick skin. Being self employed, working from home is VERY difficult. I've done it selling bank card services so I know what I'm talking about. Youare are either a workaholic or a lazy bum. Most people cannot sell...they just get excited at the thought of the idea of making all the dough (look at Mary Kay, Jafra, and other multi-level businesses). Some do very well and are proud to flaunt their success while others of us make enough to buy the products at cost. It's sort of like the old Tupperware parties...bring the catalog to work and you'll have outstanding sales...require ladies to attend a party and you'll sit in the livingroom look at the dealer and your mother and/or sister...

    As for being contacted by mass emails for jobs, that is the reality of life on the internet. Companies buy the rights to search resumes and use key words to find potential workers. Based on keywords within your resume, you are bound to be hit by numerous companies without you ever contacting them. With my experience in Monster, Career Builder, HotJobs and Craig's List, the computer selects key words and sends employer letters out automatically. It is MY responsibility to stop getting hits by declining, accepting or ignoring. It happens repeatedly if one posts their resume more than once (i.e., every 30 days, etc.) which is really frustrating.

    Okay, so I got off base for a minute, forgive me. When you are a seasoned employee you have the right to do that once in a while. Back to Cornerstone. I personally know people working for the company and they are doing very well financially. As with any sales job, they work hard. The first of the week they're setting appointments, the middle of the week writing business and by Friday they are off for a long week end doing a favorite hobby with family and friends. Me? If time allows, I catch up with them on the week end and try to have some fun...that is if my boss hasn't sent me home with one of his overdue projects.

    Cornerstone and UGA have been around a long time. If they were as bad as some of the blog imply they would not be in business, period. My friends have been taken care of - they make good commissions, win bonus money, trips and the best yet - stock. Even in the downturn of the economy, their stock is around $24 a share and that is not bad - look at AIG. Cornerstone and UGA have changed with the market to stay competitive and offer services to the public. Many of us have lost our jobs and our benefits.

    I bought a Mega policy and my needs have been met for services when I needed them. Why? Well, first and foremost I understood the coverages that I purchased for myself. Any when I became ill in 2008 I knew I'd have expenses that I'd have to pay. However, I also know that a patient can negotiate deals with hospitals and physicians under certain circumstances. When they know of your situation, they work with you! I was even provided help from the drug company to offset my cost for expensive treatments.

    In closing I'd like to offer this: No shoot the messenger. If you wrote a negative blog about any company it was probably from one denominator: YOU. None of us want to admit failure - at anything. I am not a sales person and I bet you bloggers are not either. You, like me, tried and failed. I just chose not to blame anyone but myself for those failures. I decided that working for a company, working within the box provided for my experience, is where I need to be.

    Chin up fellow job seekers. Get over the blame game and move on. If you wasted an hour at a Cornerstone interview, consider it a lesson learned. You now know what to look for in the initial contact and realize that if you reply, "no thank you", you won't be contacted again (unless you post more than once like I did) and you move on. I am happy that my friends at Cornerstone are doing so well. They are glad that I found a corporate job that is working for me. For my friends still seeking that "perfect" job, I continue to wish them well. But I don't like anyone who cannot accept their own failure. That is not the American way. Personally, I do not believe that President Obama is going to bail any of me out of anything.

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