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Ordered a driver's seat and an a pillion seat for a Daytona 675. When the seat arrived it was completed manufactured incorrectly and would not fit as a replacement. Called to report that the seat was not designed correctly and this started an over month long fight with the company to either refund my money or provide me a seat that worked.<br />
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After contacting the local District Attorney's office in the town that the company resides in it scared them enough to finally offer a new seat as a resolution. This company is not one to take care of their customers nor do they care if they treat you in a manner that is bordering fraudulent.

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  • Jo
      Apr 17, 2009

    I couldn't agree more. I ordered a seat for my Suzuki dual-sport just after Christmas of '08, called a few days later to ask about a change in the shape of the foam, to make it more flat. I talked with an employee first, who told me my request wasn't needed. Then I e-mailed my Corbin rep. with the request, then called and talked with him the next day. He said they would make it as I asked.
    It arrived in about 6 weeks, standard dimensions. Going on their claim of great customer service, and web site request for my inseam, height, etc. for proper seating, I tried the seat, found it slanted forward so much I had to fight to stay away from the gas tank.
    I e-mailed their customer service 3 times between Mar. 26th and Apr. 3rd; got no response. The Better Business Bureau filed my complaint with them, but let me know that Corbin has responded to only 20 out of 38 complaints the BBB has handled.
    I hope this posting keeps someone else from buying from Corbin in good faith. In my experience, once they've got your money you're on your own. Expect nothing, because that's what you get.

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  • Ro
      Apr 28, 2009

    If you buy a Corbin product don't expect good customer service, it sucks!

    I purchased a Corbin Widowmaker to use with 2008 my Rocker C last October and was unable to use it until this spring. After using it one day I found that the seat had caused damage to my fender. I sent an e-mail off to Corbin regarding it and was told that the seat had been retooled because of this problem. When I first asked them to fix it all they did was apologize for the damage and said they would send me a new seat once the they received my old one.

    It is now over one month later and I do not have the new seat and the only time I hear from them is when I send an e-mail asking for action on my seat and fender. After calling and sending e-mails several times with no response for about a month I was told that three people including Mike Corbin had looked at the pictures of the damage and this was their response:

    "I checked into this for you and showed your pics to our production manager as well as Mike himself. We can repair the fender for you in-house. If you would like to keep the fender until a suitable time is available, we will repair it for you. We cannot issue any forms of payment or remittance for work done outside of our premises. We can make arrangements to have your fender picked up on our dime if need be."

    Now I live in Minnesota and they are in California so I would be without the use of my motorcycle for over three to four weeks because of their poorly designed seat. My wife is also not able to ride with me because of their poor service, inefficient means of repair, and lack of a customer centered approach.

    If you are interested in the correspondence between me and the company, please feel free to contact me, because their responses and analogies used were really poor. I would caution anyone buying a product from Corbin and would not recommend their product to anyone because their customer service sucks!

    Since they didn't get the seat right the first time, what guarantee do I have that they would do a good job on my fender and how many times might I be sending it back before they get it right.

    The only reason that I cannot get it fixed locally is because of a policy that Mike Corbin has set. They have pictures of the damage caused so it isn't like I am trying to rip them off. How happy would you be with a company that you had e-mailed three to four times with no response and called two times with no response to your inquiry? I am more angry about their lack of response, yet in the end I will be without a 2up seat for about two months and unable to go riding together with my wife and friends.

    When I have had a problem with a product from other after market companies they have responded immediately and often helped me with the problem that went above and beyond. When a company does not communicate well it does not serve them nor their customers well.

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  • Ti
      May 24, 2009

    I had to fight with this horrible excuse for a company for over a month. It wasn't until I filed a complaint with the DA'S office in their city that anything happened. In this market and current economy all I can say is I hope these folks drown.

    Not one person I dealt with including Mike Corbin were either friendly nor apologetic for the bs I went through. I for one has personally changed over 10 people's minds in buying from them so that's my satisfaction. If they hope to survive they had better hire a consultant to turn around they're horrendous customer service.

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  • Ed
      Jun 29, 2013

    I ordered a custom seat for my Kawasaki Sportbike. It looked OK when I received it, but when I turned it over...there was a big flaw in the molding. It was a 1/4" deep mold cavity about 2" long around the rear brackets. Fiberglass was loose and I was concerned since it was by the brackets. Also, I was not too happy with how the exposed metal "tongue" fit under the gas tank. It was literally a loose metal to (painted) metal contact. Not good. Finally, the seat would splay out the plastic molding on the sides. We all know how fragile that stuff is especially after a few years. They always seem to break at the mountain tabs. So, why stress those components at all.

    I contacted customer service and was directed to the technical rep (Jared Smith). He responded that the molding defect makes no difference. I contacted him again about the other complaints and no response in over a week. I guess they just wrote me off as a typical bad customer. So, I have the seat on eBay and will probably take a $100 loss on it.


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