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I ordered a seat for my Suzuki DR-Z400S just after Christmas of ’08; I called a few days later to ask them to build it up to make it more flat, as I hate feeling like the seat is pushing me toward the fuel tank. They assured me it would be done, but it arrived with the standard contour- about a 12-13 degree forward slant. I e-mailed customer service 3 times in March and April, but got no response at all. Finally, I contacted the Better Business Bureau which let me know Corbin has had 38 complaints filed through the BBB, and has responded to only 20 of them. I have documentation for all of this, and would like to let anyone considering ordering from Corbin know that they might end up none too happy. I’m thoroughly disgusted with them. Contrary to their advertising, theirs is the sorriest customer service I’ve ever experienced, or even heard of.


  • Js
    jsharpe58 Aug 29, 2009

    Just bought a corbin classic solo saddle for my 07 flstc. bad experience! where to start? well first off, very expensive. second, they charged me thirty dollars shipping, way more than it should cost to ship something this small and light. but more importantly, when it arrived, I discovered that corbin has changed the design of the seat — despite that their web site still shows the old style seat with a small velcro tab covering the backrest hole, they now come with a very ugly and unnecessary leather flap over the hole, a real eyesore. and on top of it, they now have their logo emblazoned on the side of the saddle, also unattractive, in my opinion. but worst of all, the seat just doesn't fit properly and was poorly crafted — I actually had to modify it to even get it on the bike, and there is still a large gap between the bottom of the back of the seat and the addition, the bottom of the back of the seat is crooked and uneven. looks terrible. and finally, the metal decorative studs were put on crooked! all this would have been bad enough even if I could have returned it, but corbin has a strict no returns policy — so you're screwed if yoiu don't like it. avoid these seats and this company! (all the above can be documented by pix.)

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  • Ed
    Edster Jun 29, 2013

    I ordered a custom seat for my kawasaki sportbike. it looked ok when I received it, but when I turned it over... there was a big flaw in the molding. it was a 1/4"deep mold cavity about 2" long around the rear brackets. fiberglass was loose and I was concerned since it was located by the brackets. also, I was not too happy with how the exposed metal "tongue" fit under the gas tank. it was literally a loose metal to (painted) metal contact. not good. finally, the seat would splay out the plastic molding on the sides. we all know how fragile that stuff is especially after a few years. they always seem to break at the mounting tabs. so, why stress those components at all?

    I contacted customer service and was directed to the technical rep (jared smith). he responded that the molding defect makes no difference. I contacted him again about the other complaints and no response in over a week. I guess they just wrote me off as a typical bad customer. so, I have the seat on ebay and will probably take a $100 loss on it.

    Don't buy corbin products!!!

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  • Rr
    rrharm Aug 18, 2015

    I ordered a Corbin Saddleman seat for my street glide about 3 weeks ago. The seat was $493 plus $42 shipping VIA UPS ground. Today I get a call from Michael out of their Florida office and he said my seat was ready for delivery but he needed an extra $20 because they had made a mistake on the shipping. When I told him to just cancel the order he said there would be a re-stocking fee. I then told him I would just turn it over to my credit card company, he then said he would try to cut the box down and find a cheaper shipper. I also learned that after our initial conversation he is suddenly not available to take any more phone calls. How does a company stay in business operating like this?

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  • Ha
    harry78 Apr 06, 2016

    I picked out a seat - Dual Tour for my bike and had them make / ship seat to me based on measurements on the website. Well, the rear of the seat was supposed to be 12.5" and it's 14", which is much wider than what it says on their website. They said they could only take it down to 13.5 without paying $300+ for a new cover. When I told them that I ordered the seat based on the photos/dimensions on the webpage, she said, well they try to get it close but can't guarantee it will be the same. So I'm out $750 and will probably just sell the seat locally. If they had good customers service, they would make it right for their mistake. They shouldn't try to sell me another $300 of service to correct something they did wrong. She basically told me that if I wasn't happy, I could just sell the old seat and have a custom seat made by riding in.

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  • Ji
    JIMMYbobby Mar 14, 2018

    Warning no return policy means you are stuck, sucker!!!
    Seat for fat bob is uncomfortable as hell
    Don't do it. looks good, sits like [censor]. hurts inside of your legs, and I am not a big person.
    Until the day I die I will tell everybody I ever see on a bike you'll be sorry, if you buy corbin.
    All the good reviews are made by employees. once you complain they wont answer your phone number ever again. wasted money.

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  • Ch
    Christopher Donald Phillips May 14, 2018

    Fair Warning... Anyone looking to order a seat from Corbin BEWARE. Their customer service is total [censored]. I ordered a seat and received it, and everything was fine, until I sent it back to get the free rework they offer to make it fit me better. After more than a month, they called me to inform me that the Oaknut leather that was on the original has been discontinued. They asked me what I wanted for leather on the recover. I told them that I wanted to go with the 2 shades of tan they had, with the darker tan on the bottom. It came back with a tan seat, and turd brown sides. Wherever the miscommunication was, they will not fix or replace the mistake. But wait, there's more. The diamond pattern stitching is all crooked, and the different sizes of the diamonds are visible to the eye. Also, the leather where the seat transitions into the side is loose or saggy. I can't believe they have such terrible quality control that this seat could make it out of their factory. As some of you know, these seats aren't cheap, it set me back almost $900 (with the backrest). The first seat I received was much better quality, I should have just kept it the way it was. Shipping it all the way back to CA cost me almost $100, so I'm really out a grand for a seat that I'm not happy with...AND THEY WON'T FIX THEIR MISTAKES.

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  • Mc
    mchubik Oct 02, 2019

    Most horrible, low quality seats. Corbin sucks big time

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  • Da
    Dave Randall Jan 19, 2020

    I ordered a Corbin seat on October 24, 2019 for my BMW K1600B. At that time I read from their website that, "...During the "slow months" turn around time is roughly 2 weeks. During the peak spring and summer months this turn around can vary greatly..." So I figured 2-3 weeks. So, I waited, and when December 3rd rolled around without a word from Corbin (over 4 weeks after submitting my order), I sent an email to ask for shipping status. The next day I received a response from someone saying he should have an answer "by the following day" (??). The next day I was told it was expected to be completed by December 13th. OK, a little later than expected but I was understanding... When December 13th came and went once again without a word from Corbin, I emailed and inquired. On December 23rd I was told that my saddle did not get shipped before their Winter Break and that they wouldn't be back until January 5!

    I finally received the saddle on January 9th. So after having an expectation of 2-3 weeks I ended up waiting for 11 weeks. Given that I'm in NE Ohio and wasn't able to ride much anyway I was only marginally upset with this delay, but as others have described, Corbin's customer service appears to be sorely lacking. I sometimes wonder had I not reached out for information how long it would have been before I heard anything from them. The seat I received looks great mind you, I have no complaints about the product, but I just hope I never have need for their support in the future - could be a long wait...

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