Cor Concepts / Unethical Concepts by Cor Concepts

Just read between the lines when:
They are hiring a lot of people during this bad economy
Commission only- but not stating when to you get pay and when the sales you make are part of "Training"
Making sales calls (lots of them) is part of the job - and you use your own phone with no reimbursement.
Website looks like a college blog :
Cor Concepts takes advantage of young new grads, full of hopes that don't know what to ask and even that they have the right to ask...
Owner told the ripped off person who finally decided to leave after one month, a huge phone bill and only $70 that she would not losse sleep over his "misery" ... tops that with a good laugh...
If you care to know the company is on 750 N Orleans St # 1
Chicago, IL [protected]

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