Continental Warranty / Huge mistake

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I made the HUGE mistake of contacting Continental Warranty about a newly purchased used vehicle. I filled in out their online survey, and a few others. I got a call from Continental Warranty the next day, and spoke to a sales rep, and informed them I was looking into my options. He asked what kind of quotes I was getting, and would call me back when he was more informed about what they may offer me, and the quotes I had already gotten. Later that night Continental Warranty and their sales rep called me back. I informed her I had spoken to other gentlemen at the company and was waiting to hear back from him. She still wanted to get me in their system, and go over the policy, and coverage's. That was fine, but after 15 minutes, and her giving me a quote $1000 higher the everyone else. I ask her to email me the policy so I could look it over and compare it to the others, and I would base my decision after I looked up each company. All of a sudden I would guess her boss jumps on the line, and starts asking where I 'm doing my research, and had a total fit over the fact that I was looking them up in the Illinois State Dept website. He was telling me to look them up on the BBB. When I refused and told him I wanted to make sure they were licensed in my state, he lost it! All of a sudden I was some dumb female to him, and that I had no clue as to what I was talking about. He was asking who the competitors underwriters where, and a lot more.

Final when I got a chance to speak I told that the other company could not offer me a better package or price. I told him that if he wanted my business to email the policy, Jim cut me off mid sentence, and was ranting and raving on the phone when he asked me who was going to look over my policy for me. But I never could finish a sentence because he kept talking over me, and asking how I like it, and how I felt when someone cut me off. (I never interupted him, Not Once even with his demeaning attitude).

I finally let him have it ! When I informed him that I was not some stupid female, and that I worked at an Attorney's office, and that I 'm sure one of the Attorney's would love to talk to him, and discuss the policy and his attitude. And then told Jim not to contact me ever, and that I would take my business elsewhere, and hung up on him.


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