Cons Call Home / lied about how much they charged!

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This company needs to be shut down! I went through the internet and set up an account with this company for my sons father to be able to call and speak with him. It took my credit card number and sent me to a blank screen. So I found a number to contact the company and have been gettin the run around all day. First they said someone would be contacting me within a couple of hours. Well someone did but it wasn't with a number to use, it was them trying to get me to sign up for a yearly package! When I told the guy there's no way I would gi ve them more money he hung up on me. Also, the computer said it was charging my card $24.99 and they charged $30. Each person I talk too tells me something different and they refuse to refund my money. They said I agreed to terms and conditions which I did NOT. Never even got to a screen for that! Don't fall for this!! Its a total scam!!

Feb 18, 2013

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