Conexisdependent care flexible spending account

Your app server is not responding 9 out 10 times that I tried.

Your customer service representative are lack of empathy and patience. Their standard is everything takes 5-10 business days. The claim office behind and overwhelmed. There is nothing they can do. Please provide some customer service training to your staff.

I submitted the exact same invoice since January. Although every month it takes at least 2 weeks for me to receive the fund, it never got rejected. In May, all the sudden my claim was rejected because the invoice I submitted did not specify the item. How can you accept something 4 times, and reject on the 5th time? In addition, I submitted an office school invoice. It list my daughter's name under the student field. What else do you need?

The claim office is always behind. If you know the first quarter of the year is the busiest, why didn't you hire more temporary staff to help with the work load? Why didn't you anticipate the case volume? Why are you effecting other people who is waiting for the fund every month? People sign up FSA because they need money, not because it is fun. Your service has no sense of urgency.

May 15, 2017

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