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Commonwealth Bank / Commonwealth are the worst bank I have ever been with

1 Queensland, Australia Review updated:

We got a home loan through Commonwealth and subsequently we changed all our accounts over to them aswell. When you use internet banking you cannot see what amounts have been taken out until about 3 days later and there is ALWAYS a discrepancy between the account balance and the available funds. The reason I use internet banking is so that I can see where my money has gone. I NEVER had this problem with Westpac or ANZ (the two banks we were with before changing over to Commonwealth). I cannot keep track of my money using Commonwealth's internet banking!!!

We have only been with Commonwealth for around 7 months and that time we have:

- had problems with our home loan in that I called the Commonwealth call centre to see if we were allowed to withdraw the money back off our home loan because we pay more than necessary every month. At that time he told me I could withdraw what ever I liked if it was available but he failed to tell me that the amount available isn't what can be withdrawn and that I would need to keep a certain amount in the bank account for the loan payment at the end of the month.

- I had a problem with another of our loans in which we had our parents go guarantor as they needed a letter stating that the loan wasn't in their name and that they were just the guarantors. My mother went into the bank who then told her that she needed to call the home loan specialists. She then called them who told her to call me so that she could get access to talk to the customer service people. I called the customer service number she gave me only to be forwarded back through to the branch where I was abused by the lady because I asked if my mother could have access to get a letter about the loan as it was a security issue. Fair enough it is a security issue but I was just doing what we were asked to do by the other Commonwealth staff.

- We applied for a loan in which we were told on two occasions had been approved. We were told that we needed to go to the branch to sign the loan contracts. I called the service centre to be forwarded through to the Morayfield branch so that I could make an appointment to sign the documentation. The lady in the call centre told me that I didnt have to make an appointment to sign loan documentation and that I could just go to the branch at anytime. I went down to the branch to sign the documentation and they asked if I had made an appointment!!! I told her what the service centre had told me about not needing to make an appointment so she helped me out. She told me that our loan had been declined!!! I even had a message on my answering machine which had said that it was approved.

I think Commonwealth are the WORST bank EVER!!! I will be making every effort to withdraw all of my accounts and loans from them to go to another bank. I do not have one nice thing to say about them and I hope that people read this before they decide to put any of their accounts with the incompetent bank and then go through all the troubles I have been through with them!!!

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  • Ea
      17th of Dec, 2008
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    Commonwealth Bank - taking money without notice 30$
    commonwealth bank
    New South Wales

    Commonwelth bank is not Good !! he charged me 30$ for nothing ???? what is that !!
    i am a student here !! it`s not fair at alllllllll
    30 $ for what ? without any worning !! without any sign ?? i thought they are very nice but now i discover that they are rubbishhhhhh

  • Si
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    I agree totally!! they did the same to me!
    I wanted a car loan for $12000.00 and in principle is was approved, ...great! tell the buyer its a sure thing.
    Go to the bank, and they want more paperwork than i was told to get, so off i go and get it.
    They read the paperwork wrong, mistaking another loan as being in front and saying i was in arrears, so i go to the company involved and they ring the commonwealth and tell them they read it wrong, i am in fact a lot in credit.
    So they luck out and went in another direction, ...apparently i cant be a single entity because im married and have accounts with other institutions, so either my husband goes in the loan with me or its declined!
    I save $2272.00 a month every month and they saying i cant bring up a sum of $356.00 a month out of that...hello!! are they thick or stupid!!
    All because im married!, and have a joint account with hubby.
    Well its their loss, i will go elsewhere, and take my bank account with me
    Goodbye commonwealth and good riddance to your idiocy

  • Ch
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    I am actually in the process of trying to find out why Commonwealth bank have allowed my credit card to become overdrawn by $800+. I know they usually allow a small overdraw amount, mine has always been able to be overdrawn by $100 before no further transactions are approved, so to all of a sudden find the account overdrawn by $800 was a huge shock to me! I have since checked all my banks statements, and have noticed quite a few incidents where money I've spent hasn't registered on my statement until a few days later, I have a few unfamiliar charges that I am not even sure what they are or where they have come from, but the best one (apart from the $800 credit card overdraw) is the one where my statement says I had transferred a relatively large amount of money from my savings account to the (now $800 overdrawn) credit card account on a Friday, when I didnt actually have any money in the savings account until Saturday, yet the statement didnt register the money going into the account until the Monday after!! And I bet somewhere along the line Commonwealth probably charged me a nice overdraw fee for the money they apparently removed from my nearly empty savings account the day before I even transferred the funds to my credit card by phone!!

  • Ke
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    go to regarding the Commonwealth Bank.

  • Sa
      18th of Mar, 2011
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    Their service levels are terrible - we are now moving ships - read my rant here -

  • Tr
      1st of Jan, 2018
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    How stupid is the CBA. My problem was I have lost the ability to log in. My customer number has vanished. They tell me to simply “log in “ to get an answer or receive a NetBank code. If I could log in I wouldn’t be complaining. I tried to update my mobile number to receive Net codes but I am overseas and have a new number. It won’t accept the number It has become obvious that the helpline does not take care of overseas customers to call Cba They simply put us in a helpline queue for long unbearable waits which time out after I have used all my phone load card of $50.
    I am 70 yrs old I need to send my pension to myself overseas. If I don’t get it I starve I don’t have other means to live
    I am at the mercy of the CBA. It has my money. It’s not theirs
    If only we could email direct.
    Or they call me overseas.
    But I doubt it after reading all the complaints online
    If I ever get out of this I will have to cancel my account to a bank with a more modern approach to customer problems
    God help me the CBA won’t
    My overseas number is. Email. Trevor D

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