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For breach of contract?

Ok, let's begin! Back in january 2010, I moved here to east orange nj! I originally wanted directv (I love satellite) , but found out that this building only allowed sheisty cable to be installed, because directv only wanted their service and not cable to have any input here... Thus making comcast the contract winner!

Not that i'm downing comcasts service, because I haven't had terrible service. Anyway...

There was an offer that if I signed up for their triple play contract, that I would receive a $200.00 gift card!

Ok, since I work for a cable company, I know how this goes. So I thought to myself, hmmm. Great.. I'll do it. So I signed up. The terms clearly stipulated that this was a 24 month contract, and that starting with month 13, my price would increase by I believe $20 dollars.
I would need to fulfill the requirement to pay by bill on time every month for 3 months.. .90 days. I have done that!
To skip all the in-between, because I know that some of you fools like myself, already have been through this... It is now november 2010, and I still do not have a gift card.
I have escalated this to a corporate complaints level, and I still do not have a gift card!
I believe comcast has breached their contract, in falsely getting me to sign up for their service without ever making good on their offer. That is fraud!

Because this is a contract, I am not able to change my level of service without incurring a fee!
I would like from comcast... An inconvenience credit, equal to one months service credit.
They have offered to credit my account, the $200.00. That was not listed as part of the terms of the contract when I signed up, that if they don't send a gift card, they will credit my account. Thus, they are trying to make it easier on themselves to just wash this under the rug and act like it never happened, by making such an offer.
Do I have a leg to stand on? Or I screwed?

The woman from the corporate escalation group, says that she has looked into it and she is being told that I will have to wait another 30 days. That is damn near an entire year, that I will have waited.

This other guy named rick from corporate left me a voice mail message a few weeks ago, and told me that the card should be in my mailbox by october 20th... That was a lie!

I asked debbie from the corporate escalations team to give me a months credit for the inconvenience, due to what I feel is a breach of contract. She told me... Let's wait until we get the gift card to you. And then they can review if my request has any merit.
I think she is lying, because they have no intentions of issuing a gift card!

What do I do?

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