Colescustomer service [protected] overseas 3rd party call centre insist on taking all your details to then not be able to answer simple question.

10th of January 2017
I had two gift cards stolen from out of the post that I sent, envelopes arrived empty with a sorry from Australia Post.
I rang the Coles group gift card customer service [protected] number from the receipt to enquiry whether they can be cancelled.
I was meet with a gentlemen telling me he could not help, could not hear me and hung up.
After a second call a second gentleman insisted on taking all my details before my enquiry then said he would take it upstairs this is when I asked if they were in Australia and he said they were a third party customer service centre. I asked my details not be recorded until I find out if they can be cancelled, he did not give a direct answer and put me on hold, eventually coming back with a customer inquiry number and an email address for me to send my query.
I have since found via another phone call from not receiving a reply that they have no record of my inquiry, and I still do not know if you can cancel a gift card? And I cannot request my details be not shared ( or sold).
I have tried head office Australia and they were friendly, but did not realise customer service is a third party and did not know how else to help or answer the question.
The inquiry number I was given [protected]
Email address to send inquiry [protected]
Resolution: 1. an answer to if the gift card can be cancelled and how do I go about having this done.
2. Third party customer service being educated to answer questions and procedures put in place to serve customers.
3. Third party customer service entities stopped from passing or selling personal details.


Jan 09, 2017

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